You climb the staircase and find yourself in an area that seems oddly familiar. Red velvet curtains line the walls, and the floor is covered by a strange black and white zigzag pattern. Huh.

"This is a place of unimaginable power," a voice sounds from behind you. You spin around, but can see nothing but a rustling curtain. "It is chock full of dark forces and vicious secrets. No prayers dare enter this frightful maw."

That sounds like an awfully dramatic way to describe a gallery tour, although anyone who's sat through the entire audio tour at MOMA will be able to relate.

You take your bearings, and try focus on what you came here to find in the first place.

Copy or Reload Map Data:

[ Huh? ]
Your Louvre map should stay the same until
you ascend this character. If you'd like to
save this map so you can use it again later,
copy and save the long and ugly string of
characters from the field above (I save mine
in my Quest Log). The next time you open this
site, you can paste those characters into the
field above and your map will come back.
Easy peasy.

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