A hulking figure wearing a purple jumpsuit and a weird lamp-shaped mask steps out of the thick mist.

"Hey," the figure says. "I see you made your way to the In Deep. To be honest, things have been a little weird around here since your "incident" at the petting zoo -- no, I know you don't remember it. It's better that way, believe me."

The figure turns, gesturing at the mist. "Anyway, I'm here to help you find your way around. The terrain changes pretty often around here, but I'm pretty good at remembering landmarks. And fighting evil. At least, I think I fight evil. I'm actually a little confused about that."

The figure scratches its chin with a huge, sharp talon. "So, um, what is it you're looking for, anyway?"

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Your violet fog map should stay the same until
you ascend this character. If you'd like to
save this map so you can use it again later,
copy and save the long and ugly string of
characters from the field above (I save mine
in my Quest Log). The next time you open this
site, you can paste those characters into the
field above and your map will come back. Wah la!

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