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Zapping Zapping is the art of changing certain items into different yet related items. To zap items, players must acquire a wand. Here are the steps to acquire one:

  1. Discover The Secret of the Dungeons of Doom
  2. Adventure at The Dungeons of Doom until Ouch! You bump into a door! shows up.
  3. Purchase the cloak-like item priced at 5,000 Meat.
  4. Defeat the Mimic that has been mimicking the cloak-like item.
  5. Use the dead mimic to obtain a wand.
  6. Start Zapping things!

There are five types of wands, but they all appear to have the same effects. Wands will break after 2-5 successful uses per day (see Cool-Down), so use your zaps wisely and be careful. You can use a wand once a day without any chance of it blowing up, but you will be pushing your luck to attempt a second zap, and the chances of four zaps in a day without breaking your wand are very much against you. The wand will always break after its fifth successful use in a single day. If a zap fails to affect the item, it is safe to reuse the wand that day. The five wands are: aluminum wand, ebony wand, hexagonal wand, marble wand and pine wand.

Additionally, if you have a diabolic pizza cube installed in Your Workshed, you can make a fake Diabolic pizza as an alternative method to obtain a dead mimic.

Alpha list of all items along with their zapping information
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I-K | L | M | N-O | P | Q-R | S | T | U-V | W | X-Z | other


As you can see from the "When Used" section, wands heat up with each use. Fortunately, they also cool down at rollover. The first use of a wand per day seems to add one "heat level" and show the "feels a little warm" message, but subsequent uses before rollover can add anywhere from 1 to 4 extra "heat levels." At "heat level" 5 and above, the wand explodes (if you're unlucky enough to have your second use of the day add 4, you lose the wand and 20+ HP). This means that at "heat level" n, the next zap has an n/4 chance to break the wand.

Chance of your wand surviving n zaps in one day
n 1 2 3 4 5
Percent chance 100 75 18.75 1.5625 0

As of approximately Thursday, September 14, 2006, the Zapping window apparently now tells what "heat level" the wand is at.

Level 1: The <wand> feels warm to the touch...
Level 2: The <wand> gets really hot. You should probably be careful.
Level 3: The <wand> starts to vibrate. Wisps of smoke rise from the end. You should definitely be careful.
Level 4: The <wand> glows red-hot, and sparks fly out of it. You should seriously be careful.
Level 5+: The <wand> abruptly explodes, burning your hand pretty badly in the process.

Jick has confirmed on his radio show that if you only zap with a wand once per day, it will never explode.

Once a wand explodes, you can get another one 3 days later or on your next ascension, whichever comes first. (You will have to find the Dungeons of Doom, so ascending probably won't be the fastest way to acquire a new one.)

Also note that the Platinum Yendorian Express Card when used will cool your wand, in theory allowing you two safe zaps a day, or up to eight (very) unsafe zaps.

What Can Be Zapped

These are the zappable item groups discovered so far. When you zap an item in the group, it randomly turns into another item of that group. There are only two known exceptions. One is the ring of aggravate monster, the only item that is a member of two groups: the Outfit group Yendorian Finery, and the Equipment group Dungeon of Doom Rings. When zapped, the ring of aggravate monster will only zap into another member of the Dungeon of Doom Rings group. The other exception is the Daily Dungeon Room 10 Items group: if you don't already possess all three keys to The Dungeoneers' Association's gates, then zapping any item in this group will give you a key you don't have. Note that the name of this group is somewhat misleading - as of the 2011 Daily Dungeon revamp, the items are obtained from A Vending Machine.

Category Zap Group Quantity Items In Group Comment
Equipment Starting Items 12 seal-clubbing club, helmet turtle, turtle totem, pasta spoon, ravioli hat, saucepan, spices, disco mask, disco ball, stolen accordion, mariachi pants, seal-skull helmet All 12 confirmed.
Spleen Substat Boosters - Tier 1 3 moxie weed, strongness elixir, magicalness-in-a-can All 3 confirmed.
Combat Items Gourd Quest Items 3 spider web, razor-sharp can lid, Knob Goblin firecracker All 3 confirmed.
Booze Ice-Cold Suds 3 ice-cold Sir Schlitz, ice-cold Willer, ice-cold fotie All 3 confirmed.
Miscellaneous Worthless Items 3 worthless trinket, worthless gewgaw, worthless knick-knack All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Bugbear Costume 2 bugbear bungguard, bugbear beanie Both confirmed.
Food Catsup 2 ketchup, catsup Both confirmed.
Miscellaneous Toolbox Items 3 spring, sprocket, cog All 3 confirmed.
Combat Items Shore Combat Items 3 barbed-wire fence, tropical orchid, stick of dynamite All 3 confirmed.
Food Kabobs 7 ghuol-ear kabob, rat appendix kabob, bat wing kabob, skewered cat appendix, Knoll shroomkabob, Knob shroomkabob, spooky shroomkabob All 7 confirmed.
Ingredients Beastie Guts 3 batgut, catgut, ratgut All 3 confirmed.
Ingredients Beans 3 enchanted bean, hill of beans, pile of jumping beans All 3 confirmed.
Food Cookies 3 carob chunk cookies, white chocolate chip cookies, Trollhouse cookies All 3 confirmed.
Ingredients Jewelrymaking Components 3 piercing post, necklace chain, ring setting All 3 confirmed.

Hemp string was removed from this group.

Miscellaneous Feng Shui Items 3 Feng Shui for Big Dumb Idiots, decorative fountain, windchimes All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Filthy Hippy Disguise 2 filthy corduroys, filthy knitted dread sack Both confirmed.
Food Brownies 3 carob brownies, herb brownies, chorizo brownies All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Swashbuckling Getup 3 eyepatch, swashbuckling pants, stuffed shoulder parrot All 3 confirmed.
Booze Basic Booze 6 bottle of gin, bottle of vodka, bottle of whiskey, bottle of rum, bottle of tequila, boxed wine All 6 confirmed.
Outfit Frat Boy Ensemble 3 Orcish baseball cap, Orcish cargo shorts, Orcish frat-paddle All 3 confirmed.
Food Fruit - Basic 7 orange, grapefruit, grapes, olive, tomato, lemon, strawberry All 7 confirmed.
Booze Advanced Cocktailcrafting Base Drinks 12 salty dog, screwdriver, martini, whiskey sour, strawberry daiquiri, vodka martini, whiskey and soda, monkey wrench, tequila sunrise, margarita, strawberry wine, wine spritzer All 12 confirmed.
Booze Fermenting Powder Drinks 5 shot of orange schnapps, shot of grapefruit schnapps, fine wine, shot of tomato schnapps, shot of flower schnapps All 5 confirmed.
Spleen Substat Boosters - Tier 2 3 enchanted barbell, concentrated magicalness pill, giant moxie weed All 3 confirmed.
Spleen Substat Boosters - Tier 3 3 extra-strength strongness elixir, jug-o-magicalness, suntan lotion of moxiousness All 3 confirmed.
Miscellaneous Daily Dungeon Room 10 Items 6 Boris's key, Jarlsberg's key, Sneaky Pete's key, Boris's ring, Jarlsberg's earring, Sneaky Pete's breath spray All 6 confirmed. Name refers to the Room 10: Treasure! adventure, which was retired in 2011.
Potions Chewing Gum 4 tamarind-flavored chewing gum, lime-and-chile-flavored chewing gum, pickle-flavored chewing gum, jabañero-flavored chewing gum All 4 confirmed.
Ingredients Mushrooms - 1st Gen. 3 Knob mushroom, Knoll mushroom, spooky mushroom All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Knob Goblin Harem Girl Disguise 2 Knob Goblin harem pants, Knob Goblin harem veil Both confirmed.
Outfit Knob Goblin Elite Guard Uniform 3 Knob Goblin elite helm, Knob Goblin elite pants, Knob Goblin elite polearm All 3 confirmed.
Food Basic Burritos 3 bean burrito, enchanted bean burrito, jumping bean burrito All 3 confirmed.
Food Spicy Burritos 3 spicy bean burrito, spicy enchanted bean burrito, spicy jumping bean burrito All 3 confirmed.
Food Insanely Spicy Burritos 3 insanely spicy bean burrito, insanely spicy enchanted bean burrito, insanely spicy jumping bean burrito All 3 confirmed.
Food Gut Dishes 3 bat haggis, menudo, rat scrapple All 3 confirmed.
Food Pizzas 3 sausage pizza, goat cheese pizza, mushroom pizza All 3 confirmed.
Food Fruit - TPS 3 lime, jumbo olive, cherry All 3 confirmed.
Combat Items Sodas 3 Dyspepsi-Cola, Mountain Stream soda, Cloaca-Cola All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Hot and Cold Running Ninja Suit 3 cold ninja mask, icy-hot katana, ninja hot pants All 3 confirmed.
Outfit eXtreme Cold-Weather Gear 3 eXtreme scarf, snowboarder pants, eXtreme mittens All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Mining Gear 3 miner's helmet, miner's pants, 7-Foot Dwarven mattock All 3 confirmed.
Ingredients Ores 3 linoleum ore, asbestos ore, chrome ore All 3 confirmed.
Ingredients Tr4pz0r Skins 3 penguin skin, yak skin, hippopotamus skin All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Terrifying Clown Suit 5 clown shoes, bloody clown pants, foolscap fool's cap, big red clown nose, polka-dot bow tie All 5 confirmed.
Booze TPS Base Drinks 6 dry martini, grog, dry vodka martini, old-fashioned, tequila with training wheels, sangria All 6 confirmed.
Ingredients Pixels 5 white pixel, black pixel, red pixel, green pixel, blue pixel All 5 confirmed.
Ingredients Letters 5 ruby W, lowercase N, heavy D, original G, metallic A All 5 confirmed.
Food Key Lime Pies 3 Boris's key lime pie, Jarlsberg's key lime pie, Sneaky Pete's key lime pie All 3 confirmed.
Equipment Cookbooks 3 kickback cookbook, Codex of Capsaicin Conjuration, Gazpacho's Glacial Grimoire All 3 confirmed.
Combat Items Orc Chasm Basic Scrolls 3 334 scroll, 30669 scroll, 33398 scroll All 3 confirmed.
Food Evil Food 3 Double Bacon Beelzeburger, Lord of the Flies-sized fries, Brimstone Chicken Sandwich All 3 confirmed.

Jumbo Dr. Lucifer was removed from this group.

Food Reagent Hell Pasta 3 Hell ramen, devil hair pasta, spagecialetti All 3 confirmed.
Food Noodles - Knob Goblin 3 boring spaghetti, Knob stuffed shells, Knob stroganoff All 3 confirmed.
Food Reagent Mountain Pasta 3 fettucini Inconnu, linguini immondizia bianco, shells a la shellfish All 3 confirmed.
Food Reagent Noodle Dishes 2 spaghetti with Skullheads, gnocchetti di Nietzsche Both confirmed.
Outfit Furry Suit 2 furry pants, wolf mask Both confirmed.
Equipment Advanced Cocktailcrafting Garnishes 3 little paper umbrella, coconut shell, magical ice cubes All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Crimbo Duds 3 Crimbo sword, Crimbo hat, Crimbo pants All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Star Garb 3 star pants, star hat, star buckler All 3 confirmed.
Food Noodles - Undead 3 ghuol guolash, fusilli marrownarrow, suggestive strozzapreti All 3 confirmed.
Booze Advanced Cocktailcrafting Final Drinks 12 roll in the hay, slap and tickle, slip 'n' slide, a little sump'm sump'm, horizontal tango, pink pony, rockin' wagon, ocean motion, fuzzbump, perpendicular hula, ducha de oro, calle de miel All 12 confirmed.
Outfit 8-Bit Finery 3 pixel hat, pixel pants, pixel sword All 3 confirmed.
Ingredients Pork Elf Gems 3 hamethyst, baconstone, porquoise All 3 confirmed.
Ingredients Mushrooms - 2nd Gen. 3 warm mushroom, cool mushroom, pointy mushroom All 3 confirmed.
Food Mushroom Dishes - 2nd Gen. 3 spicy mushroom quesadilla, cool mushroom casserole, cream of pointy mushroom soup All 3 confirmed.
Ingredients Mushrooms - 3rd Gen. 3 flaming mushroom, frozen mushroom, stinky mushroom All 3 confirmed.
Booze Mafia Wines 4 Acqua Del Piatto Merlot, Acque Luride Grezze Cabernet, Uovo Marcio Shiraz, Maiali Sifilitici Pinot Noir All 4 confirmed.
Food Stir Fries - Tier 1 5 Knob stir-fry, Knoll stir-fry, spooky stir-fry, asparagus stir-fry, olive stir-fry All 5 confirmed.
Food Stir Fries - Tier 2 5 Knob sausage stir-fry, bat wing stir-fry, rat appendix stir-fry, tofu stir-fry, pr0n stir-fry All 5 confirmed.
Food Noodles - Critter 3 bätzle, ratini, menudo ravioli All 3 confirmed.
Potions ! Potions 9 milky potion, swirly potion, bubbly potion, smoky potion, cloudy potion, effervescent potion, fizzy potion, dark potion, murky potion All 9 confirmed.
Outfit Yendorian Finery 3 vorpal blade, cornuthaum, ring of aggravate monster All 3 confirmed.

According to Jick, ring of aggravate monster will not change into the other two, because it's part of a different set.

Equipment Dungeons of Doom Rings 8 ring of aggravate monster, ring of adornment, ring of increase damage, ring of gain strength, ring of cold resistance, ring of fire resistance, ring of conflict, ring of teleportation All 8 confirmed.
Miscellaneous (Un)Rolling Pins 2 rolling pin, unrolling pin Both confirmed.
Outfit OK Lumberjack Outfit 3 disbelief suspenders, los chinos, balaclava All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Radio Free Regalia 3 Radio Free Baseball Cap, Radio Free Pants, Radio Free Foil All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Template:ZAP Bow Tux 3 bowler, bow staff, bowlegged pants
Ingredients Fruit - TPS Skewered 3 skewered jumbo olive, skewered lime, skewered cherry All 3 confirmed.
Booze TPS Final Drinks 6 dirty martini, grogtini, cherry bomb, vesper, bodyslam, sangria del diablo All 6 confirmed.
Equipment Tiny Plastic Uncommons 8 tiny plastic seal clubber, tiny plastic turtle tamer, tiny plastic pastamancer, tiny plastic sauceror, tiny plastic disco bandit, tiny plastic accordion thief, tiny plastic bitchin' meatcar, tiny plastic hermit All 8 confirmed.
Equipment Tiny Plastic Commons 20 tiny plastic mosquito, tiny plastic leprechaun, tiny plastic levitating potato, tiny plastic angry goat, tiny plastic sabre-toothed lime, tiny plastic fuzzy dice, tiny plastic spooky pirate skeleton, tiny plastic barrrnacle, tiny plastic howling balloon monkey, tiny plastic stab bat, tiny plastic grue, tiny plastic blood-faced volleyball, tiny plastic ghuol whelp, tiny plastic baby gravy fairy, tiny plastic cocoabo, tiny plastic star starfish, tiny plastic ghost pickle on a stick, tiny plastic killer bee, tiny plastic Cheshire bat, tiny plastic coffee pixie All 20 confirmed.
Equipment Tiny Plastic Rares 4 tiny plastic Boris, tiny plastic Jarlsberg, tiny plastic Sneaky Pete, tiny plastic Susie All 4 confirmed.
Outfit Gnauga Hides 3 gnauga hide whip, gnauga hide buckler, gnauga hide chaps All 3 confirmed.
Equipment Lucky Tams 2 lucky Tam O'Shanter, lucky Tam O'Shatner Both confirmed.
Equipment St. Sneaky Pete's Day Beads 3 string of red beads, string of blue beads, string of green beads All 3 confirmed.
Spleen Oyster Eggs 32 red striped oyster egg, red polka-dot oyster egg, red paisley oyster egg, red plastic oyster egg, blue striped oyster egg, blue polka-dot oyster egg, blue paisley oyster egg, blue plastic oyster egg, puce striped oyster egg, puce polka-dot oyster egg, puce paisley oyster egg, puce plastic oyster egg, mauve striped oyster egg, mauve polka-dot oyster egg, mauve paisley oyster egg, mauve plastic oyster egg, lavender striped oyster egg, lavender polka-dot oyster egg, lavender paisley oyster egg, lavender plastic oyster egg, black striped oyster egg, black polka-dot oyster egg, black paisley oyster egg, black plastic oyster egg, off-white striped oyster egg, off-white polka-dot oyster egg, off-white paisley oyster egg, off-white plastic oyster egg, yellow striped oyster egg, yellow polka-dot oyster egg, yellow paisley oyster egg, yellow plastic oyster egg All 32 confirmed.
Outfit Clockwork Apparatus 3 clockwork hat, clockwork trench coat, clockwork pants All 3 confirmed.
Booze Mushroom Wines - 3rd Gen. 3 flaming mushroom wine, icy mushroom wine, stinky mushroom wine All 3 confirmed.
Booze Mushroom Wines - 2nd Gen. 3 pointy mushroom wine, flat mushroom wine, cool mushroom wine All 3 confirmed.
Booze Mushroom Wines - 1st Gen. 3 knob mushroom wine, knoll mushroom wine, spooky mushroom wine All 3 confirmed.
Equipment Glad Bag Glad Rags 3 giant discarded plastic fork, giant discarded bottlecap, giant discarded torn-up glove All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Time Trappings 3 time helmet, time trousers, time sword All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Cloaca-Cola Uniform 3 Dyspepsi-Cola helmet, Dyspepsi-Cola shield, Dyspepsi-Cola fatigues All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Dyspepsi-Cola Uniform 3 Cloaca-Cola shield, Cloaca-Cola fatigues, Cloaca-Cola helmet All 3 confirmed.
Miscellaneous Crimbo Workshop Items 2 yo-yo, sleeping snowy owl Both confirmed.
Outfit Arboreal Raiment 3 can of fake snow, colored-light "necklace", tree skirt All 3 confirmed.
Equipment Iceberglet Items 4 ice sickle, ice baby, ice pick, ice skates
Outfit Grass Guise 3 grass skirt, grass hat, grass blade All 3 confirmed.
Booze Improved Booze 6 bottle of Domesticated Turkey, bottle of Definit, bottle of Calcutta Emerald, bottle of Lieutenant Freeman, bottle of Jorge Sinsonte, boxed champagne All 6 confirmed.
Ingredients Improved Mixers 9 kumquat, tangerine, tonic water, cocktail onion, raspberry, kiwi, plum, pear, peach All 9 confirmed.
Booze Superhuman Cocktailcrafting Base Drinks 12 whiskey bittersweet, mimosette, tequila sunset, zmobie, gin and tonic, vodka and tonic, vodka gibson, gibson, parisian cathouse, rabbit punch, caipifruta, teqiwila All 12 confirmed.
Booze Superhuman Cocktailcrafting Final Drinks 12 Divine, Gordon Bennett, tangarita, mandarina colada, gimlet, yellow brick road, vodka stratocaster, Neuromancer, prussian cathouse, Mae West, Mon Tiki, teqiwila slammer All 12 confirmed.
Food Meins - Lo 5 Knob lo mein, asparagus lo mein, Knoll lo mein, spooky lo mein, olive lo mein All 5 confirmed.
Food Meins - Hi 5 hot hi mein, cold hi mein, spooky hi mein, stinky hi mein, sleazy hi mein All 5 confirmed.
Outfit Encephalic Ensemble 3 Cerebral Cloche, Cerebral Culottes, Cerebral Crossbow All 3 confirmed.
Potions Astral Cupcakes 5 blue-frosted astral cupcake, green-frosted astral cupcake, orange-frosted astral cupcake, purple-frosted astral cupcake, pink-frosted astral cupcake All 5 confirmed.
Equipment Antique Arms And Armor 4 antique greaves, antique helmet, antique spear, antique shield All 4 confirmed.
Ingredients Food Additives 3 dehydrated caviar, black pepper, ancient spice All 3 confirmed.
Miscellaneous Stuffed Crimbo Workshop Items 2 stuffed snowy owl, stuffed yo-yo Both confirmed.
Outfit War Hippy Fatigues 3 bullet-proof corduroys, round purple sunglasses, reinforced beaded headband All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Black Armaments 4 black sword, black helmet, black shield, black greaves All 4 confirmed.
Outfit Frat Warrior Fatigues 3 beer helmet, distressed denim pants, bejeweled pledge pin All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Terrycloth Tackle 3 makeshift turban, makeshift cape, makeshift skirt All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Tropical Crimbo Duds 3 Tropical Crimbo Hat, Tropical Crimbo Shorts, Tropical Crimbo Sword Reported on J&S show, Jan 8, 2007.
Booze Spookyraven Wines 6 dusty bottle of Merlot, dusty bottle of Port, dusty bottle of Pinot Noir, dusty bottle of Zinfandel, dusty bottle of Marsala, dusty bottle of Muscat All 6 confirmed.
Outfit Bounty-hunting Rig 3 bounty-hunting helmet, bounty-hunting rifle, bounty-hunting pants All 3 confirmed.
Equipment Hippy Junkyard Rewards 3 spark plug earring, woven baling wire bracelets, gearbox necklace All 3 confirmed.
Equipment Frat Junkyard Rewards 3 wrench bracelet, rusty chain necklace, sawblade shield All 3 confirmed.
Ingredients Lasagna Meats 3 displaced fish, filet of tangy gnat ("fotelif"), long pork All 3 confirmed.
Food Lasagne 3 fishy fish lasagna, gnat lasagna, long pork lasagna All 3 confirmed.
Equipment Familiar Ant Tools 5 ant hoe, ant rake, ant pitchfork, ant sickle, ant pick All 5 confirmed.
Outfit Palmist Paraphernalia 3 palm-frond whip, palm-frond capris, extra-large palm-frond toupee All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Tapered Threads 3 duct tape fedora, duct tape sword, duct tape dockers All 3 confirmed.
Booze Advanced Fermenting Powder Drinks 3 plum wine, shot of pear schnapps, shot of peach schnapps All 3 confirmed.
Equipment Tiny Plastic 2 Rares 4 tiny plastic Ed the Undying, tiny plastic Lord Spookyraven, tiny plastic Dr. Awkward, tiny plastic protector spectre All 4 confirmed.
Equipment Tiny Plastic 2 Uncommons 9 tiny plastic Baron von Ratsworth, tiny plastic Boss Bat, tiny plastic Knob Goblin King, tiny plastic Bonerdagon, tiny plastic The Man, tiny plastic The Big Wisniewski, tiny plastic Felonia, tiny plastic Beelzebozo, tiny plastic conservationist hippy All 9 confirmed.
Equipment Tiny Plastic 2 Commons 50 tiny plastic 7-foot dwarf, tiny plastic angry bugbear, tiny plastic anime smiley, tiny plastic apathetic lizardman, tiny plastic astronomer, tiny plastic beanbat, tiny plastic blooper, tiny plastic brainsweeper, tiny plastic briefcase bat, tiny plastic demoninja, tiny plastic filthy hippy jewelry maker, tiny plastic drunk goat, tiny plastic fiendish can of asparagus, tiny plastic Gnollish crossdresser, tiny plastic handsome mariachi, tiny plastic Knob Goblin bean counter, tiny plastic Knob Goblin harem girl, tiny plastic Knob Goblin mad scientist, tiny plastic Knott Yeti, tiny plastic lemon-in-the-box, tiny plastic lobsterfrogman, tiny plastic ninja snowman, tiny plastic Orcish Frat Boy, tiny plastic G Imp, tiny plastic goth giant, tiny plastic cubist bull, tiny plastic scary clown, tiny plastic smarmy pirate, tiny plastic spiny skelelton, tiny plastic Spam Witch, tiny plastic spooky vampire, tiny plastic taco cat, tiny plastic undead elbow macaroni, tiny plastic warwelf, tiny plastic whitesnake, tiny plastic XXX pr0n, tiny plastic zmobie, tiny plastic Protagonist, tiny plastic Spunky Princess, tiny plastic topiary golem, tiny plastic senile lihc, tiny plastic Iiti Kitty, tiny plastic Gnomester Blomester, tiny plastic Trouser Snake, tiny plastic Axe Wound, tiny plastic Hellion, tiny plastic Black Knight, tiny plastic giant pair of tweezers, tiny plastic fruit golem, tiny plastic fluffy bunny All 50 confirmed.
Outfit Cursed Zombie Pirate Costume 3 cursed eyepatch, cursed cutlass, cursed breeches All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Pyretic Panhandler Paraphernalia 3 Ol' Scratch's ol' britches, Ol' Scratch's stovepipe hat, Ol' Scratch's ash can All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Hyperborean Hobo Habiliments 3 Frosty's old silk hat, Frosty's carrot, Frosty's nailbat All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Vile Vagrant Vestments 3 Oscus's pelt, Wand of Oscus, Oscus's dumpster waders All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Dire Drifter Duds 3 Zombo's skullcap, Zombo's shield, Zombo's grievous greaves All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Tawdry Tramp Togs 3 Chester's moustache, Chester's bag of candy, Chester's cutoffs
Outfit Hodgman's Royal Frippery 3 Hodgman's porkpie hat, Hodgman's lobsterskin pants, Hodgman's bow tie All 3 confirmed.
Food Sea Veggies 3 sea carrot, sea cucumber, sea avocado All 3 confirmed.
Food Sea Fruits 3 sea lychee, sea tangelo, sea honeydew All 3 confirmed.
Booze Infused Sake 3 berry-infused sake, citrus-infused sake, melon-infused sake All 3 confirmed.
Equipment Irradiated Crimbo Town Items 6 elven socks, cheap elven gloves, festive holiday hat, patent leather shoes, gray bow tie, penguin thesaurus bow tie, hat, shoes confirmed.
Food Mer-kin foodbucket 4 sea broccoli, sea cauliflower, sea blueberry, sea persimmon All 4 confirmed.
Equipment Big Brother Equipment 3 decaying wooden oar, giant fishhook, rusty old lantern oar → lantern, lantern → {fishhook, oar} confirmed.
Miscellaneous Hellseal Organs 3 hellseal hide, hellseal brain, hellseal sinew
Miscellaneous Ruined Hellseal Organs 3 shredded hellseal hide, burst hellseal brain, torn hellseal sinew All 3 confirmed.
Potions Slime - Primary 3 vial of red slime, vial of yellow slime, vial of blue slime All 3 confirmed.
Potions Slime - Secondary 3 vial of orange slime, vial of green slime, vial of violet slime All 3 confirmed.
Potions Slime - Tertiary 6 vial of vermilion slime, vial of amber slime, vial of chartreuse slime, vial of teal slime, vial of indigo slime, vial of purple slime
Miscellaneous Slime-soaked Organs 3 slime-soaked hypophysis, slime-soaked brain, slime-soaked sweat gland All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Slimesuit 3 hardened slime hat, hardened slime pants, hardened slime belt All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Primitive Radio Duds 3 Voluminous Radio Pants, Voluminous Radio Hat, Voluminous Radio Sneakers All 3 confirmed.
Equipment Frog Tophats 2 amphibious tophat, miniature tophat Both confirmed.
Outfit Snowman Suit 3 snow hat, snow pants, snow belly All 3 confirmed.
Outfit BRICKOfig Outfit 3 BRICKO hat, BRICKO pants, BRICKO sword Hat → {sword,pants}, sword → hat confirmed.
Outfit Fancy Tux 3 fancy tophat, fancy black tie, fancy tuxedo pants
Equipment Bugged Hats 3 bugged beanie, bugged balaclava, bugged bön±Ã©t All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Smoked Pottery 3 pottery shield, pottery hat, pottery training pants All 3 confirmed.
Miscellaneous Pottery Yoyo 2 pottery yo-yo, pottery barn owl figurine
Outfit Uncle Hobos Rags 3 Uncle Hobo's stocking cap, Uncle Hobo's epic beard, Uncle Hobo's gift baggy pants
Equipment Hobo Drops 3 Uncle Hobo's fingerless tinsel gloves, Uncle Hobo's highest bough, Uncle Hobo's belt All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Dark Bros Vestments 3 The Necbromancer's Hat, The Necbromancer's Stein, The Necbromancer's Shorts
Food Brains 3 crappy brain, decent brain, good brain All 3 confirmed.
Equipment Tiny Plastic 3 Rares 3 tiny plastic Bugbear Captain, tiny plastic Rene C. Corman, tiny plastic Lord Flameface
Equipment Tiny Plastic 3 Uncommons 9 tiny plastic Beebee King, tiny plastic Queen Bee, tiny plastic Wu Tang the Betrayer, tiny plastic Clancy the Minstrel, tiny plastic Battlesuit Bugbear Type, tiny plastic spiderbugbear, tiny plastic peacannon, tiny plastic the Free Man, tiny plastic fire servant
Equipment Tiny Plastic 3 Commons 20 tiny plastic mumblebee, tiny plastic moneybee, tiny plastic beebee gunners, tiny plastic beebee queue, tiny plastic buzzerker, tiny plastic bee swarm, tiny plastic batbugbear, tiny plastic bugaboo, tiny plastic Ancient Unspeakable Bugbear, tiny plastic black ops bugbear, tiny plastic hypodermic bugbear, tiny plastic cavebugbear, tiny plastic Norville Rogers, tiny plastic Scott the Miner, tiny plastic angry space marine, tiny plastic Charity the Zombie Hunter, tiny plastic Father McGruber, tiny plastic Hank North, Photojournalist, tiny plastic Hank North, Photojournalist, tiny plastic blazing bat
Outfit Raiments of the Final Boss 8 Helm of the Scream Emperor, Cloak of Dire Shadows, Sword of Dark Omens, Shield of Icy Fate, Greaves of the Murk Lord, Gauntlets of the Blood Moon, Boots of Twilight Whispers, Belt of Howling Anger
Miscellaneous Taco Dan 3 Taco Dan's Taco Stand Taco, Taco Dan's Taco Stand Chimichangarita, Taco Dan's Taco Stand Chillacious Churro taco → churro, churro → taco, rita → churro, confirmed.
Ingredients Gourd Conspiracies 3 sharp tin strip, wad of spider silk, goblin collarbone
Outfit Seafaring Suit 3 foam commodore's hat, foam naval trousers, miniature deck cannon hat → trousers, trousers → cannon confirmed.
Combat Items Common Taffy 4 pulled blue taffy, pulled orange taffy, pulled violet taffy, pulled red taffy
Outfit Dreadful Bugbear Suit 3 Covers-Your-Head, Drapes-You-Regally, Warms-Your-Tush
Outfit Dreadful Werewolf Suit 3 Great Wolf's headband, Great Wolf's left paw, Great Wolf's right paw
Outfit Dreadful Zombie Suit 3 zombie mariachi hat, zombie accordion, zombie mariachi pants
Outfit Dreadful Ghost Suit 3 Mayor Ghost's toupee, Mayor Ghost's cloak, Mayor Ghost's khakis
Outfit Dreadful Vampire Suit 3 Thunkula's drinking cap, Drunkula's cape, Drunkula's silky pants
Outfit Dreadful Skeleton Suit 3 Unkillable Skeleton's skullcap, Unkillable Skeleton's breastplate, Unkillable Skeleton's shinguards
Food Dreadsylvanian Pockets 5 Dreadsylvanian hot pocket, Dreadsylvanian cold pocket, Dreadsylvanian spooky pocket, Dreadsylvanian stink pocket, Dreadsylvanian sleaze pocket
Booze Dreadsylvanian L26 Drinks 5 Dreadsylvanian hot toddy, Dreadsylvanian cold-fashioned, Dreadsylvanian grimlet, Dreadsylvanian dank and stormy, Dreadsylvanian slithery nipple
Miscellaneous Folders Primary Colors 3 folder (red), folder (blue), folder (green) All 3 confirmed.
Miscellaneous Folders Secondary Colors 3 folder (magenta), folder (cyan), folder (yellow) All 3 confirmed.
Booze Fancy Bottles of Beer (Common) 3 bottle of Old Pugilist, bottle of Professor Beer, bottle of Rapier Witbier
Booze Fancy Bottles of Beer (Rare) 3 bottle of Race Car Red, bottle of Greedy Dog, bottle of Lambada Lambic
Potions Disco Horoscopes 12 disco horoscope (Aquarius), disco horoscope (Pisces), disco horoscope (Aries), disco horoscope (Taurus), disco horoscope (Gemini), disco horoscope (Cancer), disco horoscope (Leo), disco horoscope (Virgo), disco horoscope (Libra), disco horoscope (Scorpio), disco horoscope (Sagittarius), disco horoscope (Capricorn) All 12 confirmed.
Potions Generic Halloween Candies 5 Milk Studs, box of Dweebs, bag of W&Ws, PEEZ dispenser, Swizzler All 5 confirmed.
Potions Peripatetic Pasta 6 spoonful of Linguine-Os, freezer-burned frost-bitten tortellini, blob of Alphredo™, handful of crafty noodles, tangled mass of creepy pasta, Can of Spaghetto All 6 confirmed.
Equipment Warbear Equipment 6 warbear exo-arm, warbear foil hat, warbear energy bracers, warbear oil pan, warbear laser beacon, warbear exhaust manifold
Miscellaneous Warbear Workshop 6 warbear jackhammer drill press, warbear auto-anvil, warbear induction oven, warbear chemistry lab, warbear high-efficiency still, warbear LP-ROM burner
Equipment Tiny Die-Cast Rares 5 tiny die-cast Rudolphus of Crimborg, tiny die-cast Father Crimborg, tiny die-cast Don Crimbo, tiny die-cast Uncle Hobo, tiny die-cast Father Crimbo
Miscellaneous Warbear Miscellaneous 3 warbear beeping telegram, warbear procedural hilarity drone, warbear sequential gaiety distribution system
Potions Gene Tonics 22 Gene Tonic: Dude, Gene Tonic: Beast, Gene Tonic: Construct, Gene Tonic: Undead, Gene Tonic: Humanoid, Gene Tonic: Insect, Gene Tonic: Hippy, Gene Tonic: Orc, Gene Tonic: Demon, Gene Tonic: Horror, Gene Tonic: Fish, Gene Tonic: Goblin, Gene Tonic: Pirate, Gene Tonic: Plant, Gene Tonic: Weird, Gene Tonic: Elf, Gene Tonic: Mer-kin, Gene Tonic: Slime, Gene Tonic: Penguin, Gene Tonic: Elemental, Gene Tonic: Constellation, Gene Tonic: Hobo Demon → Penguin, Demon → Orc, Undead → Goblin confirmed.
Outfit Brogre Brouture 3 Brogre brorts, Brogre brolo shirt, Brogre bucket hat
Outfit High-Radiation Mining Gear 3 radiation-resistant helmet, servo-assisted exo-pants, high-energy mining laser
Miscellaneous yellow pucks 2 yellow puck, yellow puck with a bow on it
Food Noodles - Peaks 3 crudles, agnolotti arboli, spaghetti with ghost balls All 3 confirmed.
Combat Items Class Spore Pods 6 veiny spore pod, hard spore pod, glowing spore pod, hot spore pod, cool spore pod, jingling spore pod All 6 confirmed.
Food Savory Noodles - Castle 3 libertagliatelle, turkish mostaccioli, linguini of the sea All 3 confirmed.
Food Savory Noodles - Hidden City 3 Fettris, fusillocybin, prescription noodles All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Cooper's Couture 3 barrelhead, bottoms of the barrel, chest barrel
Outfit The Jokester's Costume 3 The Jokester's gun, The Jokester's wig, The Jokester's pants
Miscellaneous Source Terminal Files 16 Source terminal file: substats.enh, Source terminal file: damage.enh, Source terminal file: critical.enh, Source terminal file: protect.enq, Source terminal file: stats.enq, Source terminal file:, Source terminal file:, Source terminal file:, Source terminal file:, Source terminal file: familiar.ext, Source terminal file: pram.ext, Source terminal file: gram.ext, Source terminal file: spam.ext, Source terminal file: cram.ext, Source terminal file: dram.ext, Source terminal file: tram.ext, cram.ext, critical.enh, damage.enh, dram.ext,, familiar.ext, gram.ext, pram.ext, protect.enq, spam.ext, stats.enq, substats.enh, tram.ext, and confirmed.
Outfit Miming Paraphernalia 5 miming beret, miming shirt, miming corduroys, miming boots, miming gloves
Miscellaneous Fortune Teller Skillbooks 6 How To Get Bigger Without Really Trying, Illustrated Mating Rituals of the Gallapagos, Convincing People You Can See The Future, Love Potions and the Wizards who Mix Them, They'll Love You In Rhinestones, Silly Little Love Song All 6 confirmed.
Outfit Genie Garments 4 genie's turbane, genie's scimitar, genie's pants, genie's bracers All 4 confirmed.
Outfit Psychic Enpsemble 4 psychic's circlet, psychic's crystal ball, psychic's pslacks, psychic's amulet All 4 confirmed.
Potions Fortune Teller Consumables 4 heart-shaped candy whetstone, Swedish massage fish, Third Base, Bustle Hustler All 4 confirmed.
Potions Fortune Teller Potions 4 Fabiotion, Bettie page, tonic o' Banderas, heather graham cracker All 4 confirmed.
Miscellaneous Fortune Teller Social Consumables 4 Lolsipop, heart cozy, eaves droppers, personal graffiti kit All 4 confirmed.
Miscellaneous Fortune Teller Boxes 3 Mysterious Red Box, Mysterious Green Box, Mysterious Blue Box All 3 confirmed. Mysterious Black Box is not a member of this group.
Potions Pokéfam Berries 8 Glum berry, Egnaro berry, Sitrep berry, Nadsat berry, Jamocha berry, Tapioc berry, Snarf berry, Keese berry All 8 confirmed.
Spleen Shiny Oyster Eggs Epic 7 magnificent oyster egg, brilliant oyster egg, glistening oyster egg, scintillating oyster egg, pearlescent oyster egg, lustrous oyster egg, gleaming oyster egg All 7 confirmed.
Miscellaneous Boxing Daycare 3 glass of raw eggs, punch-drunk punch, body spradium All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Shallow Sea Fishing Outfit 3 waders, spearfish fishing spear, lucky rabbitfish fin All 3 confirmed.
Outfit Cursed Skeleton Pirate Costume 3 cursed pirate cutlass, cursed tricorn hat, cursed swash buckle
Equipment Meteorite Jewelry 3 meteorite earring, meteorite necklace, meteorite ring All 3 confirmed.
Miscellaneous Crimbo Waterlogged Items 5 waterlogged wood, waterlogged cloth, waterlogged stuffing, waterlogged leather, waterlogged metal
Outfit Guzzlr Uniform 3 Guzzlr hat, Guzzlr shoes, Guzzlr pants All 3 confirmed.

What Can't Be Zapped

Here's a short list of groups of things that can't be zapped. To check on individual items, click on the alphabetic link list below (there are too many individual items to list them all here). These are just general guidelines - you never know if there might be an exception to the "rule" until you exhaustively test.

Alpha list of all items along with their zapping information
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I-K | L | M | N-O | P | Q-R | S | T | U-V | W | X-Z | other

What Can Only Be Obtained By Zapping

Certain items in the game can only be obtained by zapping, as listed below.

When Used

  • From inventory:
    • When the item is not zappable:
      The <item> shudders for a moment, but nothing happens.
    • When the item is zappable:
You zap the <item> with your <wand>.
You acquire an item: <new item>.

followed by:

The <wand> feels a little warm.
The <wand> gets really hot. You should probably be careful.
The <wand> starts to vibrate. Wisps of smoke rise from the end. You should definitely be careful.
The <wand> glows red-hot, and sparks fly out of it. You should seriously be careful.
The <wand> abruptly explodes, burning your hand pretty badly in the process.
HPYou lose some hit points.
You don't have a <wand> anymore... How sad.
  • Note that if the wand explosion causes you to be Beaten Up, you will be for 4 turns instead of the normal 3.


  • Before April 16, 2008, ascension was the only way to get a new wand after the last one broke.


  • This is a reference to "polypiling" in NetHack where a player would drop unneeded items onto the floor and zap them with a wand (or spell) of polymorph in hopes that the useless items will turn into similar (and less useless) items.
  • The various names of the wands is also a reference to NetHack, where items that aren't yet identified are given these type of names.