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This guide will provide some additional information to aid with a You, Robot ascension, and is currently a work in progress.

Astral Consumables & Equipment

Unsurprisingly, with no organs to work with, astral consumables cannot be consumed in this run.

The choice in astral equipment is not as clear cut, and a few options are available:

The astral belt does not provide any bonus substats, and only makes fights unnecessarily harder. The extra +20 ML can still be applied to various quests as usual, so its value depends on whether it is necessary to reach important thresholds such as climbing the Oil Peak as fast as possible (100 ML) and heating the unstable fulminate in one turn (82 ML).

Given the very limited sources of item drop bonuses in this path, the astral mask's +20% Item Drops from Monsters can prove to be invaluable, and the moxie bonus doesn't hurt for improved survivability.

The astral pet sweater is a possible option as well, even despite familiars being inconsistent in their availability. There are no built-in methods for improving familiar weight, and the slot is likely to be unoccupied. It can be useful to net some extra item drops on fairy-type familiars (for those without the miniature crystal ball), and can be used to get some extra mileage out of the Pocket Professor in particular.

Moon Sign

Under Construction

Mr. Store Items

Most of the usual applications for various items from the Mr. Store exist. However, some are more important than others under these restrictions, while others have their effectiveness reduced. Key divergences while it was under standard restrictions will be listed here.

Normal use

  • Lil' Doctor™ bag - Works as normal, and the path's limited sources of +items means that the otoscope is more important than usual.
  • vampyric cloake - Works as normal thanks to the back slot being permanently available, and the path's limited +items and +meat make it more important than usual.
  • PirateRealm - The inability to eat key lime pies means that you'll need to get a daily dungeon key from here for a 2 dayer.
  • hewn moon-rune spoon - The provided combat skill for non-moxie classes (high damage and a stagger) can often be a better option than the path's attacks, which either deal minor damage or cost scrap/energy to use. The base enchantments and rollover buff can be put to good use as well.
  • Beach Comb - Largely unchanged, although the +stats per fight buff is no longer of use.
  • Your Campsite Away From Your Campsite - Although the food options are not of use, the whittled equipment can be surprising useful (particularly the whittled owl figurine).
    • While the buff doesn't work with substats from Statbot 5000, they do work with substat gains from other sources, such as spookyraven non combats and the ghost of crimbo commerce.
  • Eight Days a Week Pill Keeper - no spleen means that you only get one pill to use per day. Make it count! Ideal uses would likely be for a semi rare (cannot isolate them otherwise) or to force a NC in a 95% combat frequency zone.
    • The accessory benefits of familiar weight and blocking the first hit will help with survivability, particularly when flyering.
  • Bird-a-Day calendar - Much like Path of the Plumber, robots have hidden MP, which can be used to summon daily birds as normal. As you still ascend as one of the six classes, that means six potential options for bird buffs over the duration of your ascension.
    • While your favorite bird is not retained, a new one can be set in-run if you can get the 320 MP required to do so.
  • Guzzlr tablet - Can't drink booze, and its enchantments aren't very useful for robots (aside from the very minor +item bonus).
  • Powerful Glove - Perhaps the only way to get high levels of bonus stats, along with the valuable -10% combat frequency in a path with only one native option in that regard, and it is an awkward one. Also provides a delevel to get you out of sticky situations, along with the usual free digital key and monster replacements.
  • SpinMaster™ lathe - Although the primary substat bonus isn't of any use, the other equipment bonuses and associated combat skill can still get some mileage. Useful for The Smut Orc Logging Camp in particular.
  • unwrapped knock-off retro superhero cape - Largely unchanged. While the substat bonus per fight does not work, the other abilities do. In particular, it can provide the path's only source of stunning.
  • emotion chip - Although the permed skill is not retained, the auto-pulled chip re-teaches the skills on demand (and is an exception to other skillbook-based skills).
  • Clan VIP Lounge key - As the path's only native heal requires an adventure to use (even if it gives scrap), the 5 full heals per day are useful to have.
  • Retrospecs - Largely unchanged.

Special requirements to use

  • Kramco Sausage-o-Matic™ - Although you don't get any stats from the scaling combats, they still burn delay, and magical sausages can still be eaten as normal for an extra boost of adventures each day.
  • Fourth of May Cosplay Saber kit - A solid multi-purpose weapon that is effectively the only reliable way a mysticality class can attack without using skills. Also a solid source of much needed familiar weight or monster level.
  • Pocket Professor - Largely unchanged, although limited familiar weight sources mean fewer lectures to work with.
  • Red-spotted snapper roe - With no combat manipulation options native to the path, the phylum-based olfaction is useful to have, especially in the palindome and whitey's grove. The extra banishes from human musk also offer some additional flexibility.
  • Left-Hand Man - Can serve as a makeshift off-hand slot to use the Kramco Sausage-o-Matic™ or UV-resistant compass, offering some extra flexibility for slot rearrangement.
  • Iunion Crown - Requires using a head slot to use, which is heavily contested with the familiar slot as well as the energy gain panel. Between these factors and the need to have it equipped for large periods of time to gain any enchantments, it is unlikely to be of much use.
  • Melodramedary - The inability to have this used for long periods of time (along with not providing the usual bonus to substat gains due to being a volleyball) means that you will have to be more conservative with your spits.
  • Cargo Cultist Shorts - the enchantments can be useful enough to justify the pants slot at times, although even if not, you can still open a pocket as normal. It can fill in some of the gaps left by the loss of certain mechanics like numberology and semi rares.
  • Box o' ghosts - The Ghost of Crimbo Commerce' substat bonus from purchasing an item works as normal, providing an extra source of substats as you adventure (since the traditonal Blood-Faced Volleyball do not work), and providing extra meat during this time helps as well. The other two ghosts are largely situational in comparison, possibly getting use in The Smut Orc Logging Camp.
  • Miniature crystal ball - Makes use of a slot unlikely to be filled otherwise. The initiative bonus and monster predictions are especially useful, even if the item drop bonus is unreliable (and the substat bonus is irrelevant).
  • Elf sleeper agent - Largely unchanged, although there are likely better familiar options given that it does not increase substat gains.
  • fresh coat of paint - The +substat bonus does not work, and the need to invest valuable energy on a shirt slot that is used for one other item at best makes this unappealing.


  • diabolic pizza cube - no campground access, although even if you did, you wouldn't be able to eat any of the pizzas made with it.
  • Your Mushroom Garden - no campground access, although even if you did, the daily piranha wouldn't yield any substats, nor do the farmed mushrooms have any use due to the lack of organ space.
    • The mushroom slab equipment can still be pulled and used that way.
  • Comprehensive Cartographic Compendium - No permed skills are retained, and the used skillbook is not usable either.

Reassembly Station

While there are a variety of upgrades available, only a few are worth considering. As energy is also needed for stat advancement and adventures, while scrap is used with every attachment switch, both resources will need to be conserved carefully. Only noteworthy upgrades & parts will be mentioned here.

CPU Upgrades

Unlike the robot parts below, which are mutually exclusive and require scrap, CPU upgrades require energy, but are permanent additions once learned. Note that at least one attachment must allow the ability to attack (whether it is a weapon or a combat ability); you will be prevented in adventuring in most areas otherwise, even if you have other means of winning fights.

  • Overclocking (50 energy) - 1 extra energy per fight will quickly pay for itself, and should be the first upgrade obtained.
  • Biomass Processing Function (50 energy) - Needed to use potions, which will quickly become necessary, or at least useful, for quest purposes.
  • Improved Optical Processing (50 energy) - Although expensive, item drop bonuses are lacking enough that even +20% can be helpful.
    • If you have excess energy left over, other upgrades can potentially help with The Naughty Sorceress' Tower, Note that the stat upgrades provide bonus stats rather than substats like Statbot 5000, and don't help with advancement nor equip requirements.

Top Attachment

  • Bird Cage (5 scrap) - Required to use a familiar, self explanatory in its usefulness, especially with Mr. Store and fairy-type familiars. The low scrap cost makes it fairly easy to switch to this as necessary.
  • Solar Panel (5 scrap) - 1 extra energy per fight will help with turngen and advancement down the line, particularly when you don't need to run a familiar.
  • Pea Shooter (5 scrap) - A low damage attack (based off of moxie) with no cost to use. Often ideal if you need the left arm (weapon) slot for something else, since the other important attachments have low scrap requirements to swap between.
  • Mannequin Head (15 scrap) - Allows you to equip a hat, which is mandatory for The King of Cobb's Knob Quest and the Mysterious Island Quest. Completing these two quests at the same time is ideal, and you will need to factor in the inability to use a familiar for these purposes.
  • Snow Blower (40 scrap) - While expensive to attach and use (1 energy per attack), it is noteworthy in that it is the only way to reliably deal enough cold damage to trigger Blech House in The Smut Orc Logging Camp. As the damage is based off of muscle, non-muscle classes will need to adjust to make use of it.
    • Although the Meat Radar's +50% meat drops may tempting, it cannot be used with a familiar, and an 8 lb Leprechaun would provide the same bonus, and for far less scrap.

Left Arm

Under Construction

Right Arm

Under Construction

Propulsion System

Under Construction


Under Construction

General Advice

  • A good first step each day is to head to the Scrapheap, and alternate spending energy at the Chronolith to get 10 Adventures with spending one Adventure to collect more energy. Adventure at the scrapheap to gain energy until you are only getting 3 energy per adventure, since 3 energy/combat is how much you can get with the CPU upgrade and the solar panel.
  • Because everything costs energy or scrap, attachments that grant extra energy or scrap after combat are generally useful. In particular, Overclocking (Gain 1 Energy per fight) is probably the first CPU Upgrade you'll want.
  • Purchasing a new attachment for scrap replaces the previous attachment. Try to save scrap by accomplishing several tasks with the same attachments (Elemental Resistance, for example), to minimize switching back and forth.
  • The three basic robot attacks (Pea Shooter, Pound-O-Tron, and Rocket Crotch) are neither weapons nor spells, so they do not gain bonus damage from gear. Keep this in mind when fighting opponents with physical resistance, as your equipment will not bestow elemental damage.
  • You will need a minimum of 70 in both Mysticality and Moxie to equip either of the outfits required for the Level 12 quest. Plan ahead.
    • Taking a non-muscle path leaves only one off-stat requiring additional levelling, for the island war.
  • Since you don't get substats from combat, increasing Monster Level has only situational usefulness (e.g., Oil Peak). In normal combat, it just makes everything harder with no added benefit.
  • If you find yourself with more Meat and Adventures than energy, vacations at the The Shore will increase your substats.