You'll See You at the Crossroads

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You'll See You at the Crossroads
You'll See You at the Crossroads

You finally reach the titular crossroad, unmolested by the titular bandits. It's got one of those charming signs with a bunch of arrows pointing in various directions.

It looks like the Realm is your FantasyOyster. Where does your adventurous spirit want to go next?

The Towering Mountains

You spend an hour hiking the steep road that leads to the Towering Mountains. Your G. E. M. beeps at you just as you crest the final hill, revealing a range of fiberglass mountains about the size of a football field. Hmm.

(Unlock The Towering Mountains)

The Mystic Wood

You hike in the direction of the Mystic Wood for an hour before reaching a grove of trees covered in a very large tarp. It must not have been as dark as they wanted it to be. Your G. E. M. beeps.

(Unlock The Mystic Wood)

The Putrid Swamp

You walk toward the Putrid Swamp, your boots sinking deeper into the muck with every step. It's not that far from the crossroads, but it's slow going, and takes you nearly an hour to get to a sign that says 'PUTRID SWAMP CLOSED DUE TO GAS LEAK.' Your G. E. M. beeps, and you resolve to totally ignore that sign.

(Unlock The Putrid Swamp)

Cursed Village

You follow the road toward the village -- it gets there almost immediately, but then you have to spend an hour navigating a maze of fake buildings to get to the central square. They apparently couldn't afford actors for this place, because you don't see a soul, and the only sound you hear is the beep of your G. E. M.

(Unlock Cursed Village)

The Sprawling Cemetery

You walk for an hour in the direction indicated by the sign, and sure enough, you reach a cemetery that extends as far as you can see in every direction except back toward the sign. You give one of the tombstones an exploratory kick, and it falls over. Hmm. Styrofoam. Your G. E. M. emits a mournful beep.

(Unlock The Sprawling Cemetery)

Leave for now
You can't decide where to go right now.

Occurs at The Bandit Crossroads.