With a Clatter

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With a Clatter
With a Clatter

As you're wandering around the Haunted Gallery, you see an interesting painting, and decide to step back a few paces to get a better look at it. As you do, though, you bump into a suit of armor, and noisily knock it off of its pedestal into a heap of rusty parts. Embarrassed, you look around to see if anybody saw you. Some of the eyes in the paintings seem to be following your progress, but nobody important noticed.

You carefully reassemble the suit of armor, and man, are those pieces heavy!

You suddenly feel less lucky.

You gain (200% of <mainstat>) in Strengthliness, capped at 300 ± 30.

Occurs at The Haunted Gallery while Lucky!.


  • This is a possible reference to dozens of fantasy/horror movies and cartoons, where certain paintings have holes cut in the eyes, allowing people to spy through them.
  • This could also refer to the illusion of eyes in an image seeming to follow you around a room when they are looking straight out from the picture.