Where it's Attic

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Where's it Attic
Where's it Attic

The cabin's attic is a mess of sheet-covered furniture and dusty boxes. People are such packrats.

You notice a stack of old photo albums piled under one of the eaves. Near the window, a music box plays an incessant tune in a minor key. A cardboard box labeled "wolfsbane (9 lb.)" sits near the trap door leading back downstairs.

You hear loud chirping noises coming from the rafters.

Turn off the music box

When you think about it, a music box is a lot like an accordion. Remove a few key parts, and it stops making noise!

Dv boxparts.gifYou acquire an item: intricate music box parts

(No more Spooky monsters will appear in the forest)
Check out the wolfsbane

Reduces werewolves in the forest.

Poke around in the rafters

You prod around in the rafters, and are immediately knocked ass over teakettle by a massive swarm of bats that, provoked by your prodding, pours out the open window.

You watch the flock head toward the distant castle, where it is joined by hundreds of additional bats that emerge from various windows and chimneys. The enlarged flock then vanishes over the horizon.

They must have found out about some cool bat party somewhere.

(Fewer vampires will appear in the castle now)

Look through the photo albums

"You leaf through the photo albums, admiring the snappy dressers of a bygone era. Y'know -- you could really bring some of these styles back! You gain X Sarcasm."

Occurs at The Cabin in the Dreadsylvanian Woods