Welcome to PirateRealm

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Welcome to PirateRealm
Welcome to PirateRealm

The streets of Port Beginning stretch out before you. Well, there's only one street, and it's not all that long, but still.

A plaque on a nearby wall reads:

Visit each building in turn to begin your
swashbuckling adventure:

1) Groggy's Tavern (recruit a crew)
2) Seaside Curios (choose a mysterious artifact)
3) Dishonest Ed's Ships (choose a ship)

(ring bell for more information)

Head to Groggy's

Ring the bell


You ring the bell and an attendant steps out from the shadows. "Welcome to PirateRealm!" she says, smiling. "What can I help you with?"
"Well," you say, "I was wondering how this whole thing works, I guess."
"It's easy! Now that you've got your eyepatch on and you're shrunk down to the proper size, you just follow the prompts and go on a swashbuckling adventure!"
"Yeah, but, like, what's the goal?"
She looks abashed. "The goal is to have fun!"
"Okay, but am I collecting pieces of eight for some kind of shop where they sell prizes, or..."
She narrows her eyes. "You just go on a swashbuckling adventure and have fun."
"Sure, sure, but how do I"
She fumes. "AUUUUGH. FINE. We track the amount of fun you have and you can trade in your FunPoints for prizes after your adventure. Are you happy now? Now that you've reduced everything to the complexity of a vending machine?"

Occurs at Port Beginning.

A Monorail Station
Lyle's Office