Welcome to FantasyRealm

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Welcome to FantasyRealm
Welcome to FantasyRealm

You enter the small, decidedly non-fantasy-looking building, and a sharply-dressed man approaches you.

"Welcome... to a realm... of pure... fantasy." he says.

"So how does this work?" you ask.

"First, you must choose your character class. Will you be a brave warrior, a brave wizard, or a brave rogue?"

"I feel like you could've used different adjectives for the last two."

He drops the accent, which is fine, because I didn't tell you about it in the first place. "Listen, buddy. They don't pay me enough to use my entire vocabulary. And my break is soon, so let's hurry this up. Which class?"

I'll be a Warrior

He hands you a cheap plastic helmet.

Fr warriorhat.gifYou acquire an item: FantasyRealm Warrior's Helm

I'll be a Mage

He hands you a cheap felt wizard hat.

Fr wizardhat.gifYou acquire an item: FantasyRealm Mage's Hat

I'll be a Rogue

He hands you a cheap vinyl domino mask.

Fr roguehat.gifYou acquire an item: FantasyRealm Rogue's Mask

"Oh, and you gotta wear this for the duration of your stay in the park. It will tell you how much time you have left for the day?"

Fr gem.gifYou acquire an item: FantasyRealm G. E. M.

The back door of the building swings open, revealing a fantastical landscape. The man absently gestures toward it as he steps to the side and starts fishing in his pocket for his cigarettes."Enjoy the realm!"

I'll get back to you
The man glares at you as you walk back onto the monorail.

Occurs at FantasyRealm, by LyleCo.


  • Does not take an adventure.