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Encounters inside the Violet Fog form a mappable, navigable network. The layout of this network varies from character to character and ascension to ascension, but is consistent within a single ascension. This page will help you map your own Violet Fog, allowing you to get to the encounter of your choice. The map below shows the network, based on data provided by Julien.


How to use this map

  • All encounters (the grey numbered circles) are attached to each other in a network of one-way links.
  • You can navigate through the encounters by following "this direction," "that direction," or "the other direction." These options correspond with the red, green and blue arrows, and vary from character to character and ascension to ascension.
  • To avoid clutter, some arrows have been replaced with numbers. (Location 20, for example, goes to locations 2 and 7 as well as 21.)
  • All encounters of importance are located at the edges:
  • The three training adventures and the three consumables adventures are on the inner edge of the network,
  • The three adventures that drop equipment are at the far edge of the network (locations #15, #21 and #22).


  1. Huge Mountain (wizard)
  2. Man on Bicycle
  3. Giant Chessboard
  4. She's So Unusual (Alcohol) - ice stein
  5. Boat on River (Lucy, girl with peculiar eyes)
  6. Pleasant-Faced Man
  7. Improbable Mustache (Dali, painting extra knees on elephants)
  8. Man on Cornflake (Walrus)
  9. Intense-Looking Man (Machine Elves)
  10. She's So Unusual (Herbs or Medicines) - homeopathic healing powder
  11. Fog of Birds (birds, caterpillar, impossible waterfall)
  12. The Prince of Wishful Thinking (Charm) - Moxie Training
  13. Man in Sunglasses (Hunter S. Thompson, man complaining about animals)
  14. Dance Number
  15. The Big Scary Place (Garment) - Cerebral Culottes
  16. The Prince of Wishful Thinking (Wisdom) - Mysticality Training
  17. The Prince of Wishful Thinking (Body) - Muscle Training
  18. She's So Unusual (Food) - munchies pill
  19. Huge Caterpillar (gigantic mushroom, woman named Puck)
  20. Man in Bowler (Not a pipe)
  21. The Big Scary Place (Headgear) - Cerebral Cloche
  22. The Big Scary Place (Weapon) - Cerebral Crossbow

Mapping Tools

KoLMafia Support

Veracity added support for adventuring in the Violet Fog to v8.0 of KoLmafia. If you are already a KoLmafia user, this is undoubtedly the easiest solution: you eat an astral mushroom, select the goal you desire (wearable item, consumable item, or stat training), tell KoLmafia to take the Trip of your choice, and when it encounters the Violet Fog, it dives in and maps just enough to achieve the goal you requested. If you change the goal and take another trip, KoLmafia maps just enough more to meet the new goal.

Veracity integrated this with Gemelli's fog mapping tool in v8.1, so you can see exactly what KoLmafia has mapped so far while seeking for the goals you specified.

Mapping Bot

There is a script written by MaxDemian of Loathing Underground that will log into your account & print out a complete chart of the Violet Fog for you. It can be found here.

Visual Mapper

Another script, written by Gemelli, helps automate the mapping process by updating a visual map of the area as you move through its locations. That script can be viewed here.

Mapping Script

There is a Greasemonkey script script for Firefox that will help you navigate the fog by remembering where you are in the maze and showing a version of the above map. It will tell you where each button will take you if you have been there before. It is recommended that you also use Tard's Framework Script with the violet fog script for update notifications.