Valhalla Invasion

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This page summarizes the events during the lead up to the Valhalla revamp.




  • September 1st, Bigg's Dig and Bigg's Tent appeared in The Nearby Plains. Various skeletal remains were dug up. These were assembled into various undead skeletal monstrosities that skittered way after being defeated never to be seen again.
  • September 6th, after all 3 layers of the Dig had been exhumed, Bigg abruptly left his tent and vanished.
  • Towards the end of October, a skeletal invasion laid siege to Seaside Town. It grew immensely and forced many shops to relocate to other parts of the Kingdom.
  • On Halloween, The Cannon Museum was overrun by skeletons led by Rene C. Corman. After the player managed to fight his way through the horde and engage Corman, Corman eventually slipped away with Cerulean and Periwinkle.


Starting On... Eggs Available
May 6 3
May 8 5
May 8
  • On May 11th a number of Astral Slashes opened up throughout the kingdom, caused by Corman's assault on Valhalla. The Air Warriors of Loathing, led by Admiral Hagnk, set up camp in the Nearby Plains to organize a defense.
  • On May 12th The Bonewall appeared in the skies over Valhalla, presenting an additional target for adventurers to attack.
  • On May 13th A Massive Flying Battleship appeared in the skies over Valhalla, providing another adventuring option.
  • On May 13th, using an A. W. O. L. commendation began granting access to the A. W. O. L. tent, where supplies could be purchased using commendations.
  • On May 14th A Supply Train took to the skies over Valhalla, presumably to help Corman recover from the loss of his Massive Flying Battleship.
  • On May 15th the massive Bone Star appeared, displacing the skeletal swarm, Bonewall and train.
  • On May 17th the Bone Star fell, and the battle was won. Reconstruction followed soon after for the next thousand years, which is equivalent to one day in the mortal plane. Valhalla was rebuilt, and the moons changed. Players received a Moon unit to realign to a new moon if they wished to do so.