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<td>Arguably the best African-American KoL in city of Pittsburgh, XxLee1019 started playing 0n January 09, 2005. Encouraged to play by Siege18, he was given 1,000,000 meat upon creating an account by fellow KoL players, including [[User:FANATIX|FANATIX]]. His first original class, [[Turtle Tamer]], remained his favorite, second being [[Sauceror]]. after finishing his first Harcore Oxy run as a Sauceror & stated a Hardcore as a Turtle Tamer, he applied and was accepted into Hardcore Nation. He was removed from Hardcore Nation for not making his monthly requirements. He is Currently enrolled in MarlinSpike, a clan based on Collabartive gameplay. Until Recently, XxLee1019 has still been in touch with his previous clan, Down Below. Oh, and did I forget to mention, he's black!
[http://www.myspace.com/mr_west_side See his MySpace page(with pictures!)]
[http://www.myspace.com/mr_west_side See his MySpace page(with pictures!)]

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See his MySpace page(with pictures!)