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I. All ye who enter must greet with ye olde saying, "Fuck Salt!"

II. When hurling yon brick, make sure to call yon recipient "fucker" at least once.

III. Ye olde fountain is public domain for bathing, swimming, cleaning, and urination.

IV. Respect yon fellow chatters. Use full words, and not ye olde "1337 sp34k".

V. Any and all useage of ye olde words "lol", "zomg", and anything ending with "bbq" is ONLY acceptable if used as sattire or for mocking.

VI.Unless an actual BBQ is being held, then ye olde useage is fine.

VII. beware ye of weak hearts! Only the brave should venture into one of minders' links!

VIII. Bukkake is an acceptable topic of discussion, but any visual form of bukkake summons ye olde wrath of ye olde mods. SO BRING IT ON, YOU WORTHLESS MODS

IX. Let it be known that ye owl is Valhalla's national bird.

X. The one known as TavernWench is most wise, beautiful, and benevolent, and would NEVER ban ye olde Valhalla regulars

XI. Let it be known that the dictionary kills yon Vicious Easel. Failing ye olde book of words, a thrust smack is also acceptable.

XII. Let it be known that common questions belong in /newbie, and buying and selling ye olde goods belongs in /trade.

XIII. Let it be known that jackassery shall not be tolerated in any form! This shall include use of begging, pure newbishness, begging for spoilers, religion, or politics in normal conversation.

XIV. Beware the one known as minders! She is, in actuality, a chatbot, pretending to be a 30 year old gay man, pretending to be a 28 year old straight woman from Florida!

XV. Speak not the "R" word! It is forbidden in Valhalla!

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