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shlaan #32385 rumoured to have connections with the deleted character SirSebstar the Wicked. May that be as it may, the truth is out there. shlaan, by his friends, is known to have a special kind of insight that is quite rare and refreshing. Or as i once heard it discribed, absolutely madning. Whatever the case, After loosing his main identity, shlaan wandered the planes. Before the great tragidy, he was a member of Clan Bloodbowl. After that he was a member of various clans and cults, untill he finally came home to the Havik Clan. Here shlaan resided, going from hardcore oxy to hardcore. Never gaining a bit from the clan, but paying dearly to keep his exulted position as clan advisor.

one word of advice to everybody. if you are still not past level 7 hardcore oxy, you are not doing very well on your first ascension. My myself and I howevery are still on level 7. we get stumped a lot...A lot.

i leave thee now, so i can think off worse things to write.

bye now