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Name: Scorpios
ID: #32134



Class: Turtle Tamer
Level: 7
Sign: Packrat (Moxie)


Class Level Path Sign
Accordian Thief 21 N/A N/A
Pastamancer 11 Softcore, Boozetafarian Marmot (Myst.)
Turtle Tamer 12 Hardcore, No Path Wallaby (Muscle)
Disco Bandit 12 Softcore, No Path Packrat (Moxie)
Turtle Tamer 7 Hardcore, Oxygenarian Packrat (Moxie)


Actual Stats

Muscle: 36 (51)
Mysticality: 17 (27)
Moxie: 31 (35)
Meat: 176 (427,856 in Hagnk's)

Turns and Days

Turns Total: 24,866
Turns This Run: 1560
Days Total: 431
Days This Run: 39


Favorite Food: Abominable Snowcone
Favorite Booze: Bloody Beer


Clan: Chapter XIV
Past Clans: The Unscrewed Army
Highest Title: Scorpios (Clan Owner)
Previous Highest Titles: Lord Scorpios (Second-in-command) in The Unscrewed Army

Trophies, Tattoos, and Familiars

Trophies: 14
Proudest: Tiny Plastic Trophy, Big Boat, and This Lousy Trophy
Tattoos: 30 (21 unique, 4 ascension, and 5 class)
Proudest: Bow Tux, Crimbo Duds, Radio Free Regalia
Familiars: 28
Proudest: Crimbo Elfling, Sweet Nutcracker, Hannukimbo Dreidle, GPoaS


Rares: 3268 (Rares count retired items, ultra-rares, ect. This number does not include ascension rewards, rares on multis, clockwork keys, or other such items)
Rare Sets:
Oyster Eggs (Complete set, 64 items in total)
Cola War (Complete set, 190 items in total)
Mafia Icy Peak (Complete set, 209 items in total)
Halloween Candies (Complete set, 1268 items in total)
Rarest: 3 complete Bow Tuxes (And then some), radio button candy, gnollish nunchaku, 9 retired familiars, every Crimbo '04/'05 item, children's meal of the damned


From Profile

You have completed your training with the Toot Oriole.
You have proven yourself literate.
You have completed the Most Extreme Haiku Challenge.
You have helped the Pretentious Artist find his stuff.
You have unlocked 30 tattoos.
You have earned 14 trophies.
You have collected 28 familiars.
You have fetched a larva for the Council.
You have slain your Nemesis in the Cave.
You have found the Dolphin King's treasure.
You have found the Slug Lord's treasure.
You have slain the Boss Bat.
You have built your own Bitchin' Meat Car.
You have taken care of the rat problem at the Typical Tavern.
You have cleansed the taint for the Deep Fat Friars.
You have completed 1 Hardcore ascension.
You have picked 15 pretty flowers in PvP combat.
You contributed 20 drinks to the Council's efforts to get the Knott Yetis to breed.

Other Accomplishments

  1. Collecting a good fortune in rares
  2. Bringing a lot of friends into the game
  3. His KOL friends
  4. His work in TUA
  5. His early ascension
  6. His player ID
  7. Having a Crimbo Elfling
  8. Creating the first reported baconstone pendant
  9. Assorted other things


Account Created: December 01, 2004

Net Worth: Approximately 211,000,000 (As of 2/6/06)