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119911.gif Ricket (#119911) Radiotat.gif

Ricket joined KoL on June 22nd, 2004. Within a month of playing, Ricket began listening to the newly created Radio KoL, and was hooked.

In the days before ascension, Ricket climbed the record boards, becoming one of the most mystical in the kingdom, as well as one of the deepest divers into Fernswarthy's Basement. The night ascension rolled out, he was the 15th person to ascend, and has been in hardcore ever since.

Ricket collects evil golden arches (the single ones) and super-spiky hair gel. Send him some, and he might just love you forever.

How I find things

  • Most of the time, I just change numbers. Wtee3.gif is a good example. This works for various image URLs, familiars, and a few other things, if I change numbers in the correct location. ;)
  • Also, sometimes Jick talks about something on one of his radio shows before implementing it. Tortcloak.gif is probably an example of this, but I don't really member.
  • Also also, I might hear about new content, like Hobopolis, and just guess at some content. Like Nickel.gif.
  • Also also also, RatFaucet sent me a few images a while back. Those have all been implemented, though.

Please note that in the above, I did not mention /dev people. This is because /dev people are tight-lipped, and I can't squeeze anything out of them. Bastards.

Also note how I'm not actually hacking anything, just manipulating URLs to get information I shouldn't have.

So stop asking. :)

There. Now move along.

Proud member of Noblesse Oblige