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I'm Quackosaur (#2101243). I've been playing KoL for a little more than a year and recently decided that I could contribute to the wiki, too. Hopefully I haven't broken anything yet.

At this point I'm basically some sort of lazy "speed"-ascender and can consistently pull off runs around 4/750. BHY has probably masked some speed improvements, but I'm basically too cheap and lazy to try and break into 3-day runs.

I'm a somewhat active member of Clan Xenos and am currently working with a few other clannies to start up a new, full-service buff-bot, Xbot (#2247171). We're hoping it will be fully operational by September/October 2011.

For those interested parties:
Quackosaur's bumcheekcity profile
Quackosaur's KoLdb profile


Most recently I've been working to get the Operation Patriot Shield listed on the appropriate Dressing For Success and Game Mechanics pages. I may soon try to clean up those pages (because I'm totally pretend OCD about stuff).

I've also been spading the Release the Boots skill from the Pair of Stomping Boots familiar. If you have data that you'd like to share, please contribute it here or on the [forums]. Current information is largely based off data from myself and Arashmin and few others, so anything you can provide would greatly improve our understanding of the mechanic.