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I'm Quackosaur (#2101243). I've been playing KoL for a little more than a year and recently decided that I could contribute to the wiki, too. Hopefully I haven't broken anything yet.

At this point I'm basically some sort of lazy "speed"-ascender and can consistently pull off runs around 4/750. BHY has probably masked some speed improvements, but I'm basically too cheap and lazy to try and break into 3-day runs.

I'm a somewhat active member of Clan Xenos and am currently working with a few other clannies to start up a new, full-service buff-bot, Xbot (#2247171). We're hoping it will be fully operational by September/October 2011.

For those interested parties:
Quackosaur's bumcheekcity profile
Quackosaur's KoLdb profile


Most recently I've been working to get the Operation Patriot Shield listed on the appropriate Dressing For Success and Game Mechanics pages. I may soon try to clean up those pages (because I'm totally pretend OCD about stuff).