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Pastamancer: One of the classes of Loathing.

5: Five is the third smallest prime number, after two and three, and before seven. It is the first "safe prime".

Altogether a good combination.

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Liver of Steel Powers of Observatiogn (P) Gnefarious Pickpocketing (P) Torso Awaregness (P) Gnomish Hardigness (P) Cosmic Ugnderstanding (P) CLEESH Seal Clubbing Frenzy Thrust-Smack Lunging Thrust-Smack (P) Hide of the Otter Claws of the Otter (P) Hide of the Walrus (P) Claws of the Walrus (HP) Eye of the Stoat (P) Double-Fisted Skull Smashing (HP) Northern Exposure (P) Skin of the Leatherback (HP) Empathy of the Newt (P) Amphibian Sympathy (HP) Minor Ray of Something (P) Entangling Noodles (P) Pastamastery (P) Leash of Linguini (HP) Spirit of Ravioli (HP) Tolerance of the Kitchen (P) Expert Panhandling (P) Advanced Saucecrafting (HP) Elemental Saucesphere (P) Impetuous Sauciness (HP) The Way of Sauce (P) Disco Aerobics (P) Nimble Fingers (P) Mad Looting Skillz (HP) Overdeveloped Sense of Self Preservation (HP) Advanced Cocktailcrafting (P) Ambidextrous Funkslinging (P) Superhuman Cocktailcrafting (P) The Moxious Madrigal (P) The Ode to Booze (P) Summon Snowcone (HP) Summon Hilarious Objects (HP) Summon Candy Hearts (HP)

other stuff


So, for completion's sake: DIY Meatsink, whose opening I announced earlier in this thread, is closed, after burning over 350 million meat, and after three of the top four players in the game (including Nos. 1 and 688) decided to emulate the very same idea. Here, however, is a somewhat more complete history:

The first 70 million meat DIY Meatsink burned came almost entirely from selling my initial inventory and playing the 668 market during the 668 stat-boosting craze. (This possibly also brought the store to the attention of BoozerBear for the first time -- DIYM traded with him directly once or twice. And a few weeks after the 668 craze, HotStuff announced the opening of his own home-brew, Warehouse23-financed meatsink.) Along the way, DIYM also received much appreciated support and donations from a few steadfast supporters. Things slowed down a bit, however, stalling out at around 70 million meat burnt, until Jick announced on the 120 Minutes of Painful Momma Jokes Show that he was going to reinstate the ghost-pickle-on-a-stick recipe ("soon"). So I sold mine (my only one, but what the hey), and the 8 million meat it brought got DIYM to the No. 2 spot in the mall for the week. This also earned attention from a generous, anonymous benefactor, and things were rolling again. The better position in the mall brought with it more sales at higher prices, and more meat sunk.

DIY Meatsink was up to about 95 million total meat burnt when I encountered, and successfully WHAM BOP ZOWIE-ed, the notorious Baiowulf. DIYM sold his Talisman, too -- what the hey, right? -- for 640 million, and was really in business. For the next few weeks it burned that meat steadily, keeping it in a decent place in the mall despite the perennial dominance of HotStuff's Hot Stuff and the suddenly expansive advertising budgets of BoozerBear's Casbah of Values (funded, of course, by the Jick-bestowed steaming evil), Bashy's House of Fetus Murder, and, for a week at a time, Wonko's Wacky Worldly Emporium of Wonders and Kucolan's Super Raffle. You could smell the meat burning all the way to Topeka.

Two days ago, Jick Mart joined the party as well. Its proprieter (evidently an ace rare-hunter), put up three each of the talisman of Baio, dense meat gem, hypnodisk, and crazy bastard sword. Jick Mart quickly sold a talisman and a gem, for a total of 650 million meat, and sunk some part of that into advertising, putting it into third position in the mall, behind the Casbah and the Hot Stuff. Strangely, it chose not to sink all its meat in that fashion -- enough only for third, not higher, despite having more than sufficient funds to do so (HotStuff's Hot Stuff's budget being estimated at some 300 million, and the Casbah's not very much higher).

That didn't really sit very well with me, I confess. And, sadly, sinking my own meat has become a bit less fun. So DIY Meatsink has been shuttered. But it had a good run, and the concept behind it has proven to have strong legs, indeed. So good stuff, all in all.


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