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Hi! I'm a pretty new player, so I haven't really had any spading to contribute before. But this Crimbo there's new stuff, and I'm doing it too! I'm no hardcore top-tier KOLer but I am a part of a guild (Guardians of the Six Pack) and hang out in /newbie and /games sometimes and stuff. I probably won't be super active on the wiki, but when there's new stuff still being discovered by the playerbase (like December 2020) I will try to chip in!

Aaaaaand whoops editing the wiki is super fun, especially when you're supposed to be doing homework, sleeping, laundry, or all of the above. (chuckles) I'm in danger. Also, I got a PvP alt (#3457215). --MoonshoesMcBango 08:54, 28 January 2021 (UTC)