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Possible spoilers, watch teh hell out!

Methnor (#424076)


Paperumb.gifOfficially Soleil's umbrella boy!Paperumb.gif


Began the game as a Sauceror, kept Advanced Saucecrafting when ascended.

  • Ascension #1: Disco Bandit @ Blender, kept Torso Awaregness.
  • Ascension #2: Teetotaler Seal Clubber @ Mongoose, uhm, don't remember what I kept.
  • Ascension #3 (current): Hardcore Pastamancer @ Opossum.

Currently Level 10, currently trying to kill some damn Giants for the garbage quest items. They kill me in 2 hits, and 2 Cones of Somethings don't kill them. =X
Though with all the meat from the other quests and stuff I was able to treat myself to some skills and a few Shore trips for the Meat Globe.
Familiar: Familiar12.gifKadur Aaf Em Dam Al Hapartzuf, the 20-pound Blood-Faced Volleyball (928 kills)

Current equipment

Crown of the Goblin King
Pasta of Peril
Snowboarder pants

Alternating between the following for accessories:
gnoll-tooth necklace
baconstone pendant
Baron von Ratsworth's monocle
Walrus-tusk earring
Boris's ring
Sneaky Pete's breath spray


  • Easy Come Easy Go
  • Weeping Pizza
  • The Ghuol Cup
  • Palindrophy
  • Failure To Communicate
  • I Heart Canadia
  • Disgusting Cocktail
  • Little Boat
  • Der Toastdieb
  • Tiny Plastic Trophy
  • Platinum Skull
  • 100 Pound Load
  • This Stupid Trophy