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Hello! My name is Danre98 in-game. I used to play under the name Markana but have recently restarted (December 2021) under the name Danre98.

Current editing projects

  • What happens at the Hermitage on St. Sneaky Pete's Day?
  • 10-leaf clovers and their disassembled counterparts still need to be cleaned up, mostly on articles they are linked to.
  • The 2022 standard ascension rewards still need added, check what links to the 2021 ascension rewards to see what needs updated
    • Also add to dressing for success, equip listings
  • Crimbo 2017 skills still need added to TT, PM, S, DB, and AT pages. Four years later.

Current spading projects

9-ball, new drop from poolergeist at Spookyraven Manor

  • 1 ball from 78 combats at 170.1% item
  • 0 after 80

Completed projects