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I started playing KoL on June 22, 2006, having been introduced to the game by Flup. I immediately joined a n00b clan called The Philosophers, but I left it in August to go join the clan Flup was in, Mob of Loathing (the leader was also an RL friend, WaDwAd, who had introduced Flup to the game).

In October I left Mob of Loathing to join my current clan, Dragon Tamers of KoL. It's a great, friendly clan, and most importantly, there is always someone in /clan.

My trophies:

  • Best Meal of My Life (yay burgers!)
  • Let my Bugbears Go
  • Gadget Inspector (not as hard to get as people say it is)
  • Your Log Saw Something That Night
  • Palindrophy
  • Easy Come Easy Go
  • Little Chickadee (took me exactly 500 ! potions!)
  • Brass Bowling Trophy Trophy (on my 3rd ascension)

Some fun facts about me:

  • I got exactly 85 torture packages during my first HCO run.
  • I collect dirty hobo gloves, heavy Ds, Mick's IcyVapoHotness Rubs, probability potions, soft green echo eyedrop antidotes, super-spiky hair gels, thin black candles, phonics down, scrolls of drastic healing and tiny houses, but my main collection is red pixel potions.
  • My store is called "Pixel Booty". It's called that because I play the synthesiser.
  • My home is /games, although I can also be found in /clan and (sometimes) /hardcore.
  • I am 14 and I live in Sydney, Australia.

My KoL wishlist:

  • A plastic pumpkin bucket (for farming the Thugnderdome)
  • A tome of snowcone summoning (for fast HC runs)
  • A comma chameleon (for fast softcore runs)
No. Date Level Class Sign Advs Days Path Skill taken Notes
1 2 Aug 2006 15 DB (none) 2939 41 NP Superhuman Cocktailcrafting I went to level 15 to get Superhuman Cocktailcrafting. Soon after, the Manor was introduced and DB booze became all but worthless.
2 26 Aug 2006 12 DB Vole 1710 25 T Ambidextrous Funkslinging I tried to make this a relatively fast run. I was adventuring in the right places, but I didn't have the right familiars.
3 26 Sep 2006 11 DB Blender 2115 33 NP Torso Awaregness A friend was looking after my account for this ascension. Most turns were spent in the clan gym. Also, Torso Awaregness, for some reason, was permanised instead of Mad Looting Skillz.
4 29 Oct 2006 11 TT Marmot 1491 33 HCO Amphibian Sympathy My first hardcore. This run would have been faster if I hadn't gone to the Daily Dungeon so many times.
5 19 November 2006 11 SC Blender 1692 23 HCB Lunging Thrust-Smack I spent three extra days at the end of this run to eat Lucky Surprise Eggs. No TP rares :(