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I started playing KoL on June 22, 2006, having been introduced to the game by Flup. I immediately joined a n00b clan called The Philosophers, but I left it in August to go join the clan Flup was in, Mob of Loathing (the leader was also an RL friend).

In October I left Mob of Loathing to join my current clan, Dragon Tamers of KoL. It's a great, friendly clan, and most importantly, there is always someone in /clan.

My trophies:

  • Best Meal of My Life (yay burgers!)
  • Let my Bugbears Go
  • Gadget Inspector (not as hard to get as people say it is)
  • Your Log Saw Something That Night
  • Palindrophy
  • Easy Come Easy Go
  • Little Chickadee (took me exactly 500 ! potions!)
  • Brass Bowling Trophy Trophy (on my 3rd ascension)

Some fun facts about me:

  • I got exactly 85 torture packages during my first HCO run.
  • I collect bags of cheat-os, pixellated candy hearts, stale baguettes and red pixel potions.
  • My store is called "Pixel Booty". It's called that because I play the synthesiser.
  • My home is /games.

My KoL wishlist:

  • A plastic pumpkin bucket (for farming the Thugnderdome)
  • A tome of snowcone summoning (for fast HC runs)
  • A comma chameleon (for fast softcore runs)
No. Date Level Class Sign Advs Days Path Skill taken Notes
1 2 Aug 2006 15 DB (none) 2939 41 NP Superhuman Cocktailcrafting I went to level 15 to get Superhuman Cocktailcrafting. Soon after, the Manor was introduced and DB booze became all but worthless.
2 26 Aug 2006 12 DB Vole 1710 25 T Ambidextrous Funkslinging I tried to make this a relatively fast run. I was adventuring in the right places, but I didn't have the right familiars.
3 26 Sep 2006 11 DB Blender 2115 33 NP Torso Awaregness A friend was looking after my account for this ascension. Most turns were spent in the clan gym. Also, Torso Awaregness, for some reason, was permanised instead of Mad Looting Skillz.
4 29 Oct 2006 11 TT Marmot 1491 33 HCO Amphibian Sympathy My first hardcore. This run would have been faster if I hadn't gone to the Daily Dungeon so many times.
5 19 November 2006 11 SC Blender 1692 23 HCB Lunging Thrust-Smack I spent three extra days at the end of this run to eat Lucky Surprise Eggs. No TP rares :(