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Hello fellow players. I have just started this page so it's still very ugly.

These are my characters:

Hurax (#718824): My first character, dedicated to Hardcore ascensions. He just finished his first Oxycore cycle and is now picking up some new trophies and familiars. Casually collecting plexiglass and stainless steel gear, and pestoblades. His clan is "The Morning Greyslers", a group of players from the German MUD Morgengrauen, a text-based online roleplaying game.

Perkeo (#798041): Originally created during Hurax' first Oxycore run and designed as softcore character, but also did some hardcore runs to acquire some useful gear and tattoos. After exploring the eight new zones, managing my first softcore ascension in Ronin left me tired of trying to compete in speed and slacking off again. Although his avatar doesn't show it, he is in fact a (7-foot? We have only meters here...) dwarf, who likes and collects every sort of wine, according to his historic example. Sadly the best wines in the kingdom, introduces by Italian birds are out of his reach, but a new brand has turned out to be quite tasty.

On the wiki I made some minor contributions, most of which were the messages for critical hits and fumbles. I experimented with zapping stuff. While most things didn't yield anything I verified the zap group of hi and lo meins and antique armor.

Currently I'm still working in zapping unknown stuff, watching updates, and completing item lists for new enchanted weapons.