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Item List

Item Type Enchantment
Fishbone belt accessory
  • +25% Chance of Critical Hit
  • Weapon Damage +25
  • (Heavy Rains only)
Fishbone bracers accessory
  • +20% Chance of Spell Critical Hit
  • Spell Damage +100%
  • (Heavy Rains only)
Fishbone facemask accessory
  • Monster Level -30
  • (Heavy Rains only)
Fishbone corset Shirt
  • Reduces the level of nearby water
Fishbone kneepads accessory
  • +60% Combat Initiative
  • (Heavy Rains only)
Fishbone catcher's mitt off-hand item
  • Prevents some items from washing away in the Heavy Rains
Fishbone fins accessory
  • Makes it harder for enemies to hit you in flood conditions

--Grimmy (talk) 20:20, 19 August 2014 (UTC)