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Colin (#829006)


Age: 16 Gender: Male

He was responsible for the WANG war of 5/25/06 and the WANG War of 5/26/06. These were held in /c trade. Colin is also a very Large Collector of Rubber Emo Roes, and the holder of RubyLucky's First (and only) Virgin KoL Kiss which he bought for an astounding 23 Mill.

He bought RubyLucky one day in /trade as another of her "unique" auctions.

His multi is Uber_Duber_Dude, check his DC. He does 600 meat trades as a service for /trade


He is normally seen wearing an assortment of eXtreme randomness, if you catch him when his adventures are spent he will usually be wearing his time suit with all his fake hands equipped.


He is usually found in /c trade where he conducts in trade chatting.


He is seen in mainly The Reformed Lemons of Doom, but will visit any clan that whitelists him.

Teh story of TEH Uberness King

One lonely day, a poor n00b ventured into /trade. He was a very quiet n00b, not sure what to do. Reaper77 kindly PMed him and informed him /trade is for "trading." To this, he was eXtremely grateful and asked to join his clan. He applied and was then accepted into "The Lemons of Doom." Now, this clan has an innactive leader who had just left, effectively making the clan "broken." Colin came in, and even though no one was able to promote him from his "normal player" position, he soon gained an unnoficial co-leadership status in the clan through being extremely active in it. Soon, he saw that the clan just wasn't going to improve without being able to do anything in it, so he got together with Reaper77 and co-created a new, IMPROVED clan, "The Reformed Lemons of Doom." This clan quickly blossomed into a +125 member list. But one fateful day, an anonymous player had risen in the ranks and gained trust with the Reformed Lemons only to loot the stash of all 1,000 Chow Mein that it had aquired. He and his multi's were quickly booted and reported to all the known looter sites that could be found. The Reformed Lemons have since recovered from this tragedy, but it hurt them greatly.

He decided to try out making his own clan, which he christened "T.R.A.T. Empirium." (The Royal Academy of Troubadors). Eventually he merged The Reformed Lemons and T.R.A.T. with The Lemons being the main.

Before T.R.A.T., he had become Uberly rich in the MMG.

Anyways, one day in /trade he (along with the help of MasterPain330, and POSSIBLY Darksworth) decided to start a huge WANG war. /trade became a warzone, filled with comments of dying characters and failing arses. /trade stayed this way for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Surprisingly, there was a mod in it during this time. The mod just liked the WANG war though so decided to let it slide.

The next WANG wars were held the following day and then a week later. He himself decided to start these on his own. No one knows when the next war will be, not even himself.

The day after the comet striked Grimace, Colin got kinky and slept with the RNG (whom he had sweet talked on many occasions before). This gave him even more insane luck. So he decided to grab a passing Crazy Bastard and killed him, then made a potion out of his blood. This potion gave all who drank it eXtreme RNG luck (or at least, that IS the theory). This has not been proven true or false as of yet.

On 6.6.06 there was an impersonation attempt on his account. His account, the true one, was spelled C.O.L.I.N. the fake Colin was spelled C.O.i.I.N.

The fake Colin got a forever ban for this

Not long after, Colin was granted leadership of The Reformed Lemons because Reaper77 was sick of being leader there and because he had been so active. This happened slightly after he, Hitoshi San, and Reaper77 had decided that in order to liven up the clan, which was quiet as a crypt in July, there had to be some major changes. So they decided to change the way the ranking system was based. As of now, it is no longer based on the amount of karma you have, but on how active you are in the clan. The clan is now more active in just 3 days than it had been for 2 whole months combined. Which is still not very, for a 95+ member clan.

About 5 days later, Reaper77 was hacked. Not only was he one of Colin's best friends, he also had one of the highest ranks in the clan. This meant he was karma exempt AND could withdraw all of the rares in the stash. The hacker ended up taking all of the bulk items in the stash (and there were alot) and all the rares. He also took all of Reaper77's inventory. Reaper77 currently has no idea how this happened, but him and colin are currently endeavoring to figure out what happenned.

To be continued....


Colin's Collection Collection

He collects:

DB Masks and Balls- pays 100 meat for each mask or ball offered in a trade.

Rubber Emo Roes- pays 30,000 meat for each one you send him after he has posted in /trade about buying them.

Dried Faces- pays 100 meat per face that you propose in a trade to him.

Lemons- pays 100 meat per lemon that you propose in a trade to him.