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Bigquack (#589045)

Hmmmm...a big intimidating blank box awaits me, just asking to be filled up with niff-naff and trivia.

Well, as the character number suggests, I have been around KoL for a couple of years and currently reside in Falkirk Castle as one of the Clan Moderators.

At the time of writing I have 333 ascensions under my belt, consisting of 133 softcore and 200 hardcore runs.

Ignoring casual runs (and who wouldn't), it turns out there are 14 players in the kingdom who have completed both at least 100 normal and 100 hardcore runs (according to data trawled from KolDB). Alphabetically:

big_mara, Bigquack, Crowther, Doctor Nick, Ekeinos, Hellion, KingFelix, QLou, Rosella, Sean Clannery, the Tristero, Tobias, Tzabor, Viki.

I'm not a particularly speedy ascender as I really don't have the patience or RL time to optimise my runs to within an inch of their lives, but can still be found from time to time on the boards :)