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What needs to be done for a hardcore run under the new system - order is very approximate...

Food and Drink

It might be a better strategy to just power-level as fast as possible up to level 6 (doing tavern and legendary weapon and concentrating on pure levelling otherwise), where you can eat and drink "properly", and then back-farm where appropriate for all the items listed below for levels 1 - 5. The new mind-control device for every sign may be helpful.

Food is a big problem on day one - getting pastamancery and the level 15 pastamancer skill may be very helpful, which allows you to create 5 noodle-based dishes on day 1, namely boring spaghetti, painful penne pasta (level 3), and spicy noodles (level 4). Lemon meringue pies and enchanted bean burritos may be alternatives. Funding the casting of the 5 noodles and buying an oven that early may be tricky.

Booze is not a problem on day one if you manage to complete tavern in time - gives 3, 3-drunkenness drinks, and hopefully beer from degrassi knoll and mad train wine in a pinch will make up the difference.

Food is much the same on day 2, though hopefully I can get to level 6 so that life will be much easier. Booze that I can make myself is very hard, as I can't realistically get the hippy outfit until mid-level 6 on the road to the white citadel. Barrels is frankly my only crappy option. Maybe, if I'm lucky, I managed to summon my 5 cocktail garnishes on day 1 and got lucky, and I spend a bit of time south of the border and get lucky with tequila drops, and I get a lot of booze and lemons whilst adventuring in the fun house, I *might* be able to make a couple of advanced cocktails. That's a lot of "ifs" though. Will have to spade it out and test next run.

Level 1

  • Unlock spookyraven
  • Unlock guild
  • Obtain spider web*
  • Obtain razor-sharp can-lid*
  • Obtain fire-cracker*
  • Optional: Obtain chef-hat for an inna-box later

Level 2

  • Obtain larva
    • Obtain spare accordion*
    • Open hidden temple
  • Make epic weapon

Level 3

  • Start legendary quest
  • Obtain leftovers from kitchen*
  • Do Typical tavern
  • Optional: Obtain beer goggles for in-a-box later.
  • Visit untinker
  • Start building meatcar
  • Do wizard of ego (optional - if you want to make in-a-box items)
  • Unlock library in spookyraven
  • The "Fun" house to get clown items
    • Get disease*
  • Complete legendary weapon

Level 4

  • Visit untinker
  • Finish meatcar
  • Guano junction to open boss bat
    • Get sonar-in-a-biscuit, baseball, broken skull*
  • Get enchanted bean
  • Beat boss bat
  • Farm pixels
  • Get various chewing-gums from south of the border and a mariachi g-string (easier if you aren't a moxie sign)*

Level 5

  • Obtain harem outfit
    • Get disease*
  • Open cobb's knob laboratory
  • Farm more pixels for digital key
  • Do shore trips
  • Open island
  • Beat goblin king
  • Optional: make in-a-box items

Level 6

  • Do friar's quest
    • Obtain Ruby 'W', wussiness potion*
  • Haunted library - Open top floor of spookyraven and (optionally) gallery
    • Get inkwell*
  • Start white citadel quest and MAKE SURE you get the hippy outfit - you may need to run away from the orcs if you don't get the outfit in time.
  • Daily dungeon (assumed on subsequent days now)

Level 7

  • Cyrpt
    • Obtain bones from the cyrpt to make a bone-rattle, and a skeleton key with loose teeth.
  • Get zap-wand and a few potions (If you're broke, wait til later)*
  • Get pirate outfit and a talisman o'nam
    • Get an acoustic guitar*
  • Power-level to get stats for 8

Level 8

  • Trapzor quest
    • Obtain frigid ninja stars
  • Power-level to get stats for 9

Level 9

  • Strange leaflet.
  • Get dictionary from pirates
  • Valley until orc-chasm done
    • Obtain 2 Ns, meat vortex, rice candy*
    • It may be very worthwhile making 2 additional 31337 scrolls - 1 for the stat script and hermit script, and 1 for additional trinkets and clovers that may come in VERY helpful later on.
  • Power-level to level 10

Level 10

  • Plant beanstalk
  • Airship until giant castle map
    • Get metallic a, torpedo, super spiky hair gel*
  • Into castle, complete castle quest and turn wheel to the back door.
    • Also obtain chaos butterfly, D, G, thin black candle, mick's icy vapo hot rub, plot hole, angry farmer candy if missed rice candy, optionally furry suit.*
  • Get the star weapon, star hat and star key from the hole in the sky.
  • Spookyraven bedroom - open spookyraven ballroom and get specs.
  • Spooky bathroom - get bath salts*
  • Power-level to level 11

Level 11

  • Black forest until market opens (see spoilers on how to do this)
    • Get adder bladder, black no. 2, black pepper*
  • Buy forged documents, go on one vacation at the store.
  • Hidden temple
  • Hidden city
    • Get pygmy pygment, pygmy blowgun*
  • Spookyraven ballroom til organ
  • Basement to get wines
  • Fight Lord Spookyraven
  • Palindrome -> Cobb's knob lab -> Whitey's grove -> Cobb's knob lab -> Palindrome
  • Open pyramid
    • Get bronzed locust*
  • Do pyramid
    • Get powdered organs*

Level 12

  • Mysterious island quest.
    • I think, I'm not sure there's some choice adventures here that will give you a barbed-wire fence (to zap).

Level 13

  • If you don't have a guitarrr, sewer/hermit/casino for banjo strings, clover and make stone banjo.
  • There's 3 items that I haven't included at all for tower purposes above - these are
    • Stick-of-dynamite
    • Tropical orchid
    • barbed-wire fence
  • These are lair items that you may skip, and back-farm later as necessary.


Is it worth farming an in-a-box now that ascensions last longer?

  • Assumption 1: 7 turns cooking per day after level 6: 2 reagent dishes, 1 spicy burrito, 1 reagent potion (eg milk)).
  • Assumption 2: 11 turns mixing per day after level 6: 5 advanced cocktails, plus 1 normal mixed drink.
  • Assumption 3: It will take 6 days to go from level 6 to beating the NS. (2 days 6-11, 2 days level 11 quest, 2 days level 12 quest). I assume that this may reduce as people find and use the "optimal" strategies hinted about.

7 turns cooking * 6 days = 42 turns. If it takes less than this to farm the ingredients for a chef-in-a-box, then it is worth it.

It is probably just about worth farming the chef - the wizard of ego quest will give me the book that gives me a full stat point to my main stat every day, I'll pick up a spare box or two whilst doing the epic weapon, and spring whilst doing the meatcar and I can clover for a brain or skull if I need them. The sticking point is the chef's hat, but I can't see it taking too many turns and I need to adventure there anyway to open the level 5 quest and to get a fire-cracker.

11 turns mixing * 6 days = 66 turns. If it takes less than this to farm the ingredients for a bartender, then it is worth it.

The bartender is much trickier because of the drunkenness that the tavern gives you - those "temulency" points are very valuable because they could be getting you adventures. If I "waste" 4 "drunkenness" points in the tavern getting beer lenses, I could have consumed an advanced cocktail for those 4 drunkenness points and had an extra 15 adventures to play with. I would say: If you only have crappy booze to drink near the end of the day, go for the tavern and pray for beer goggles. If you have good options to drink, drink them and forget about making a bartender. In my test run it took me 7 drunkenness before beer goggles arrived.

The meat maid is probably not worth it unless you expect your ascension to take a LOT longer than the 6 days assumed above - 6*4 = 24 adventures to make up - I doubt I can farm a spare meat tank and a frilly skirt and a maiden wig in those 24 adventures. I would say: If you expect your ascension to last double this amount of days (ie 12+ days), build the meat maid, otherwise, don't. Similar logic applies to the clockwork maid because of the low drop rate of clockwork keys.

Some more later