Unconscious Collective dream messages

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Nopic.gif This page is in need of content.

Needs more testing for the formatting of the dreams, as well as what messages are in what categories.

With an Unconscious Collective as your familiar or in your terrarium, you will get one of the following dreams while resting if the rest does not cost an Adventure for any reason. The Unconscious Collective familiar itself grants such 3 free rests per day.


  • The message is formatted in the following way:
You find yourself standing <location>, <second location>. <Sensation>, and <another sensation>. <Event>.

<Sensation> as <another sensation>, and then you are <location>, <second location>. <Event>.

And then, <sensation>, and <yet another sensation>. You wake up <feeling>.
  • There may be additional events before or after the second event.

Message Contents


"<2-4 phrases>"
"<2-4 phrases>" they say, in unison, and hand you a <descriptor> <item> and a <descriptor> <item>.
"<reply>" you say.
"<2-4 phrases>"
"<2-4 phrases>"
"<reply>" you reply.

Does Something

  • hands you a <descriptor> <item>
  • holds up a <descriptor> <item> with
    • deep remorse.
    • deep sadness.
    • a mischievous grin.
  • looks at you with deep sadness.
  • seems to have something very important to tell you.
  • whispers something in your ear.

Something Happens

  • it begins to decay and fall apart
  • it bursts into a cloud of sparkling lights
  • it changes into a <descriptor> <item>
  • it feels unusually heavy, like lead
  • it feels very important to you
  • it feels strange in your hands
  • it glows with a cool blue light
  • it glows with a warm orange light
  • it seems familiar for some reason
  • it shakes and trembles
  • it shimmers and changes colors
  • it vanishes suddenly
  • it's lighter than you expected
  • it's slippery, like oil or eels
  • it's so cold it burns your hands
  • it's so hot it feels like your hands are on fire
  • the wind howls through the trees
  • you hear a sound like a <descriptor> gong being struck
  • you hear the chiming of <descriptor> bells
  • you put it in your pocket
  • you think maybe you lost it long ago
  • you think you hear someone smiling
  • you throw it as far away from you as you can


  • brass
  • bright
  • burning
  • decaying
  • diamond
  • dirt-covered
  • dusty
  • familiar-looking
  • familiar-seeming
  • ghostly
  • glittering
  • gold
  • glass
  • normal-seeming
  • plain
  • ragged
  • rusty
  • shining
  • silver
  • strange
  • strangely familiar
  • velvet
  • wicked-looking
  • wooden


  • amulet
  • apple
  • book
  • bottle
  • cigar
  • coil of rope
  • coin
  • crown
  • dagger
  • envelope
  • human skull
  • knife
  • letter
  • loaf of bread
  • locket
  • music box
  • rag doll
  • screwdriver
  • scythe
  • sheet of paper
  • snow-globe
  • spoon
  • staff
  • subway token
  • sword
  • telephone


  • "Can you hear?"
  • "Can you see?"
  • "Did you finish your homework?"
  • "Don't forget to wear a coat."
  • "Don't open the door."
  • "Don't take the <item>."
  • "Look both ways before crossing the street."
  • "My dog has no nose."
  • "<playername><!.?>"
  • "Open the door."
  • "Remember!"
  • "Remember me!
  • "Remember my name!"
  • "Take the <item>."
  • "The owls are not what they seem."
  • "The seal is broken."
  • "There is a man in a smiling bag."
  • "There is only one <item>."
  • "There is no <item>."
  • "They approach!"
  • "They are all around you."
  • "They are coming."
  • "They will arrive soon."
  • "They will follow."
  • "This is not a dream."
  • "This is your destiny."
  • "Trust your senses."
  • "What's going on?"
  • "Where are you?"
  • "Where did you go?"
  • "Where is my <item>?"
  • "Who are you?"
  • "Without chemicals, he points."
  • "You betrayed me."
  • "You know it to be true."
  • "You must not forget."


  • "Get bent!"
  • "I don't understand,"
  • "I know,"
  • "I'm sorry,"
  • "I understand,"
  • "Thank you,"
  • "What?"
  • "What do you mean?"
  • "What's going on?"
  • "Where am I?"
  • "Where are you?"
  • "Who are you?"


  • a bleached-white skeleton
  • a clicking, red-eyed spider
  • a fat man in a tutu and fairy wings
  • a little gray mouse
  • a little man in a red suit
  • a nine-tailed fox
  • a pale-eyed blonde woman in a black dress
  • a shadowy gray-cloaked figure
  • a shining white horse
  • a smoke-gray wolf
  • a woman in a shimmering white kimono
  • an elderly man with a long white beard
  • Humphrey Bogart
  • King Ralph
  • Santa Claus
  • someone who looks exactly like you
  • Telly Savalas
  • the Guy Made of Bees
  • the Hermit
  • the Naughty Sorceress
  • your boss
  • your father
  • your grandfather
  • your grandmother
  • your mother
  • your shadow


  • at the bottom of a rocky canyon
  • at the bottom of the ocean
  • deep underground
  • in a cardboard box
  • in a deserted city
  • in a deserted parking lot
  • in a dimly-lit cave
  • in a featureless white room
  • in a field of wildflowers
  • in a hot air balloon
  • in a long featureless hallway
  • in a lush grassy field
  • in a rented tuxedo
  • in a shimmering pool of water
  • in a stone sarcophagus
  • in a weed-choked cemetery
  • in a wicker basket
  • in an abandoned hotel lobby
  • in an abandoned shopping mall
  • in an open grave
  • in the middle of a trackless desert wasteland
  • in the ruins of a long-forgotten temple
  • in your office
  • in your pajamas
  • miles above the earth
  • naked
  • near a comfortable-looking leather armchair
  • near a small gurgling brook
  • near your childhood home
  • next to a river of blood
  • next to an abandoned <object>
  • on a subway platform
  • on the peak of a snow-covered mountain
  • on the roof of a towering skyscraper


  • beanbag chair
  • bicycle
  • briefcase
  • coffee table
  • cornflake
  • grand piano
  • harpsichord
  • mandolin
  • motorcycle
  • pickup truck
  • refrigerator
  • rocking horse
  • sailboat
  • soapbox
  • telephone
  • three-legged stool
  • tool shed
  • typewriter
  • wheelbarrow
  • wishing well


  • a bright light pierces the gloom
  • a brilliant light obscures your vision
  • a cold wind howls through your bones
  • a flash of light blinds you
  • a thick white fog obscures the scenery
  • a shower of cherry blossoms fills the air
  • a warm breeze ruffles your hair
  • an angelic choir begins to sing
  • an eerie rumbling sound surrounds you
  • an unusually large moon shines above you
  • black tentacles burst out of the ground
  • carved stone faces gaze impassively at you everywhere you look
  • darkness envelops you
  • everything around you dissolves into mist
  • everything begins to burn around you
  • everything begins to smell like cinnamon
  • everything crumbles into dust
  • rainbow-colored lights sparkle everywhere you look
  • red curtains cover the walls, fluttering in a breeze you don't feel
  • something slithers by your foot
  • <something> swirls around you
    • black smoke
    • eerie jazz music
    • invisible laughter
    • the world
  • the ground shakes beneath you
  • the place is familiar, like you've been here before
  • the place seems familiar, but you can't say why
  • the scenery twists and melts around you
  • the scent of <something> fills the air
    • roses
    • spring rain
  • the smell of <something> fills the air
    • baking bread
    • blood
  • the smell of iron fills your nostrils
  • the wind howls through the trees
  • the world shatters like a mirror
  • there is an indistinct humming noise
  • thorny brambles cover the ground
  • twinkling lights surround you like fireflies
  • whispering voices and hushed laughter surround you, though you see no one
  • you begin to fall into darkness
  • you can feel someone watching you
  • you can smell burning flesh
  • you can smell burning toast
  • you feel like you're about to sneeze
  • you hear <something>
    • a harsh buzzing sound
    • crickets chirping in the distance
    • dogs barking and someone shouting far away
    • mocking laughter in the distance
    • tinkling windchimes somewhere nearby
    • waves crashing against the shore nearby
  • you smell a storm brewing
  • you think you can hear someone crying far away
  • you think you've been here before (perhaps in a dream?)
  • your teeth begin to fall out
  • your vision begins to blur


  • , extremely puzzled.
  • feeling confused.
  • feeling unusually calm.
  • in a cold sweat.
  • screaming.
  • shivering.
  • shuddering.
  • with kind of a headache.


  • "The owls are not what they seem", "Without chemicals, he points", "There is a man in a smiling bag", and the "eerie jazz music" are all references to the dream sequences of Agent Cooper, a character from the TV show Twin Peaks.