Typographical Clutter

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Familiar38.gif There is an in-game bug related to this page. Familiar38.gif
Having +101% to meat drops gives 1004 meat (as opposed to 1005).

Typographical Clutter
Typographical Clutter

You descend the slant of the greater-than sign, and find yourself in a crowded room, filled with all manner of alphanumeric characters and punctuation marks. Which one would you like to investigate?

The left parenthesis

You approach the left parenthesis and stare at it for a while without figuring out what it's for. You snag it and take it with you -- maybe you'll figure it out later.

Lparen.gifYou acquire an item: left parenthesis

The lower-case L
  • First visit and alternating visits thereafter:

You walk up to investigate the L more closely, and abruptly notice that your wallet is lighter and that the L is gone. You throw a very stylish hissy-fit, then move on.

Meat.gifYou lose 30 Meat.
You gain 10-15 Roguishness.
  • Second visit and alternating visits thereafter:

You walk up to investigate the L more closely, and... Hey! This is that L that stole your Meat earlier! You kick it over, recover your Meat (plus a bunch it apparently stole from other Adventurers!) and walk away with a moxious swagger.

Meat.gifYou gain X Meat.
You gain 10-15 Smarm.

The big apostrophe

You investigate the apostrophe, considering it from various angles, until you finally discover the angle at which you have to investigate it in order to knock it over and break it into a thousand pieces. Nice work.

On the bright side, it looks like there was a plus sign hidden inside the apostrophe, so that's a plus.

Plus.gifYou acquire an item: plus sign

You stare at the big apostrophe for a while. You can't figure out what it's for, so you just push it around for a while. It's surprisingly heavy.

You gain 10-15 Muscleboundness.

The lower-case E

You approach the lower-case E. You stare at it for a while, and suddenly find yourself unable to move.

You sit there for about 4 hours, completely paralyzed. You decide to use the opportunity to meditate.

You gain 10-15 Magicalness.
  • If your MP is less than full:
MPYou gain some Mana Points.

The upper-case Q

As you approach the Q, it touches you with its (insert the name of whatever you call the straight part of a capital Q here,) and disappears.

You notice the scenery beginning to change at random...

Confused.gifYou acquire an effect: Teleportitis
(duration: 5 Adventures)

Occurs at The Enormous Greater-Than Sign‎.


  • The meat returned from the lower-case L will be 500+(5*Meat bonuses)
    • Meat bonuses from Leprechaun-type familiars do not affect the gains.
  • The lower-case E will restore up to 100 MP. If you are less than 100 MP below your maximum, it will restore the exact amount you are short.


  • The lower-case L is really a leprechaun.
  • The apostrophe is either a statue or a boulder. Pushing boulders exercises and will eventually increase strength. Note that in the default character set for NetHack, they are backticks (`), not apostrophes (').
    • Randomly generated statues in NetHack are also known to contain spellbooks sometimes, which are represented by plus signs, and of course the player can get their hands on them by breaking the statue.
  • The lower-case E is a floating eye.
  • The Q is a Quantum Mechanic.