Twitch Livestream World Event V

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Twitch Livestream World Event V
Twitch Livestream World Event V

The fifth Twitch Livestream World Event took place on September 27, 2014 (Martinus 1, Year 45).


  • The Post-Apocalypic Survivor Camp is the Time Lords vs. Time Bandits team competition. (Badges are not needed, however. Your team affiliation is automatically logged.) Up to 1000 of each unique food or booze item can be donated. (It appears to be 1000 overall, not per team, so one team can donate 1000 of item X and lock the other team out of donating any X.)
  • The Post Apocalyptic Mall is the main adventuring area. Every 11 turns, a special monster (Sentient ATM) appears. This monster will have only 1 hit point, and will drop chroners based on the amount of damage you can do to it in a single round of combat.


  • This event has not yet occured in our timeline and we do not currently have acccess to the future information.

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