Twitch Livestream World Event III

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The third Twitch Livestream World Event took place on July 26, 2014 (Carlvember 2, Year 44).

During this event, to follow the Roaring Twenties theme chosen during the previous Twitch livestream, the second tier of The Time-Twitching Tower was created, containing An Illicit Bohemian Party, Moonshiners' Woods, and a Shoe Repair Store.

Caveman Dan was added to A Cave, and a third option was added to the noncombat in The Cave Before Time.

During this event, Time Lords and Time Bandits competed to see who could turn in the most hooch.


Players were allowed to vote on which monsters they wanted to see in each zone. Each person was allowed three votes per zone.

The choices for An Illicit Bohemian Party were:

  • hep cat -- This guy's on the trolley. He's the bee's knees, a cake-eater on the prowl for a choice bit of calico. He's an excuse to use a lot of 20s slang.
  • cigarette girl -- Candy? Cigarettes? Candy Cigarettes? Savage beatings?
  • flopper -- She's trying her best to flap, but she's not very good at it.
  • jazzman -- Attacks with his jazz hands while smoking jazz cigarettes and playing Jazz Jackrabbit.
  • cabaret magician -- He's a real prohibistidigitator.
  • Mob Penguin entrepreneur -- This place gives him an idea...

The choices for Moonshiners' Woods were:

  • wrooth -- A horrifying wraith made out of the missing teeth of various backwoods moonshiners.
  • Moonshriner -- He drives around in his little car, breaking all the laws.
  • hillbilly goat -- He ate an entire still, so now everything he eats gets him drunk.
  • drunk Sasquatch -- Like a regular Sasquatch, only smarter and better looking.
  • banjoccultist -- A savant hedge wizard with an animated banjo companion.
  • unstill -- A still that has come to life. Still life.

At the end, players were given choices for the next theme to be livestreamed. Ancient Rome was the winner.


During the livestream, a noise was heard shortly after Riff was asked if a puzzle was ready. This was identified as Morse code.

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