Transcendent Olfaction

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Transcendent Olfaction

Transcendent Olfaction

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 0

You're really, really good at smelling things. So good, in fact, that once you've taken a good long whiff of a monster, you'll be able to track other monsters that smell the same as though you were some sort of... I dunno, some sort of monster tracker of some sort.

Source: Reading a Manual of Transcendent Olfaction
Price: 200 filthy lucre
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: On the Trail (Intristic)
When Used:
You take a deep breath, allowing your opponent's scent to fill your entire being.
Snout.gifYou acquire an intrinsic: On the Trail[[Data:{{{effect}}}]]


  • Can be cast up to 3 times per day. The On the Trail effect remains over rollover, but is lost upon ascension.
  • Cannot be cast on a monster that you are currently tracking.
  • Using this skill against monsters in Secret Tropical Island Volcano Lair results in:
You take a deep breath, and start coughing. Your sensitive nasal passages are only picking up sulphur from the nearby volcano.
The smells here are too weird to remember.
The weird foreign pollen in the air here screws up your sense of smell.
The smells in this village are too exotic and strange for you to make any sense of them.
The castle is so stuffy from years of disuse that you can't really smell anything.
The dank air down here messes with your sense of smell.
It's no use. Everything here just smells like gingerbread.
Everything on this planet smells too weird.
These quarters are too tight for that.
  • Using this skill against another monster which cannot be tracked results in this message:
The smell of this opponent is too complex for even your superhuman nose to process.


  • Prior to Jan 1, 2022, Transcendent Olfaction cost 40 MP to cast, gave only 40 adventures of On the Trail and had no daily usage limit.
  • Additionally, you were unable to use this skill with the On the Trail effect active; attempting to do so resulted in the following message:
Your nose is still ringing from the last thing you smelled.
  • For a few days prior to the above update (in preparation for the removal of a duration), you were unable to use Transcendent Olfaction on the same monster twice in a row.