Tome of Clip Art

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Tome of Clip Art
Tome of Clip Art

This ancient tome of forgotten lore was commissioned by a cloister of monks who really wanted to illuminate their manuscripts, but had no artistic talent. In modern times, its arcane wizardry has mostly been used to make fliers for potluck dinners and PTA meetings.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded
Free pull from Hagnk's

(In-game plural: Tomes of Clip Art)
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Item number: 5223
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Mr. Store (1 Mr. Accessory)

When Used

You take the Tome to your campsite, and a strange shimmering bookshelf appears near your dwelling. You put the Tome on it.
You carefully place the Tome on the bookshelf in your campsite.
You've already got a copy of that Tome on your bookshelf.


  • September 2011's item of the month from Mr. Store.
Its in-store description: Lets you summon all manner of useful objects just by pointing at pretty pictures!
  • When placed on a player's Mystical Bookshelf, this item grants use of the skill Summon Clip Art. This skill can be used in all Normal and Hardcore ascensions thereafter. (Allows 3 successful uses of the skill per day.)


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Tome of Clip Art
September 2011
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