Tin star

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tin star
tin star

This is a badge that denotes its bearer to be the Sheriff of some town in the dusty hinterlands of civilization. Given the lawmen/outlaw ratio of such places, it's also pretty much an expiration date stamp as well, unless you're smart enough to wear a sheet of metal under your poncho. You'd have to have some sizable cojones to even wear this around.

Type: accessory
Mysticality Required: 15
Cannot be traded or discarded

+5 to Monster Level
Moxie +3

(In-game plural: tin stars)
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Item number: 2547
Description ID: 222722891
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
St. Sneaky Pete's Day Stupor
Another Adventure About BorderTown (on St. Sneaky Pete's Day XI)


  • Was originally tradable.


  • To "wear a sheet of metal under your poncho" is a reference to A Fistful of Dollars, in which Clint Eastwood's character hides a metal plate under his poncho to protect himself from bullets.

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