Third Island's the Charm

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Third Island's the Charm
Third Island's the Charm

The[sic] The Desperate Pig's charts get a little spotty this far from port, but there are a few islands nearby.

With Red Roger's map:

You're near the area depicted on Red Roger's map, and sure enough, a blood-red fortress looms in the middle distance. Weird how you didn't notice that before.

With recursed compass:

The recursed compass starts spinning around like crazy. You're finally able to get it stabilized by pointing it at a tiny, featureless island in the distance.

With Red Roger's red left foot, Red Roger's red left hand, Red Roger's red right foot, Red Roger's red right hand all equipped:

Red Roger's appendages take control of your body and yank the wheel hard to starboard, pointing you directly towards an ominous plastic temple in the middle distance.

What shall be the final act of our swashbuckling adventure, Captain?

Signal Island
Tiki Island
Storm Island
Red Roger's Fortress
Jack's Hideout
The Temple
  • Only appears with all of Red Roger's appendages equipped

You spar the prow, jibe the jurymast, and set sail!

Decide Later

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