There's No Ability Like Possibility

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There's No Ability Like Possibility
There's No Ability Like Possibility

You step into a room that flickers and changes as you walk through it. One moment you're walking on shag carpet, and the next it's linoleum, then it's strawberry jam. There's a bed/elephant/samovar in the corner, and there's . . . look, everything's flickering and changing in here, so descriptions aren't going to do us much good. Just describing it is giving me a headache.

Rifle the Wallet-Purse-Leprechaun

You wait until the thing that is sometimes a purse is a purse, grab some flickering craziness out of there before it turns into a leprechaun again, and wait until the items coalesce into something you recognize.

You acquire three of
Grapetomato.gifYou acquire an item: giant heirloom grape tomato
Opensauce.gifYou acquire an item: open sauce
Pecoil.gifYou acquire an item: pec oil
Potion6.gifYou acquire an item: probability potion
Sushipiece.gifYou acquire an item: stolen sushi
Gewgaw.gifYou acquire an item: worthless gewgaw
Knickknack.gifYou acquire an item: worthless knick-knack
Trinket.gifYou acquire an item: worthless trinket
Jarl rum.gifYou acquire an item: Ye Olde Meade

Read the Magazine-Orangutan-lamp

You wait past the orangutan stage, grab the thing that's sometimes a magazine, and read it before it turns into a lamp. The text keeps flickering and changing, but what you can read seems to be written by a Wizard Giant about how to perform Giant Magic.

Confused.gifYou acquire an effect: Nothing Is Impossible
(duration: 30 Adventures)

Go out the Way You Came In

You go out through the door-window-canary.

Note: Does not take an adventure.

Occurs at The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Ground Floor).