The Weird Swamp Village

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The Weird Swamp Village
The Weird Swamp Village
Zone Num 336
Location Le Dègueulasse Marais
Unlocks Choosing option two in From Bad to Worst
Recom Stat 50
Combat % 100
Quests Marty's Quest
ML 36 - 68
Terrain indoor
refreshedit data
The Weird Swamp Village is a zone in Le Dègueulasse Marais, and is part of Marty's Quest.

A primary stat of 50 is suggested. If your main stat isn't high enough, you'll see the following message:

This zone might be too tough for you.
(It is recommended that you have at least 50 <mainstat> to adventure here.)

Combat Adventures

mud turtle This monster is a Beast -- (edit metadata)

swamp gator This monster is a Beast -- (edit metadata)
  • Item Drops: fine aged cheddarwurst, seegar butt
  • Meat Drop: 24-36
  • Monster Level: 36 • Substat Gain: 9 • Moxie for No Hit*: 46
  • Monster Defense: 32
  • Hit Points: 32
  • Initiative: 40
  • Elemental Alignment: None

swamp owl This monster is a Beast -- (edit metadata)

swamp skunk This monster is a Beast -- (edit metadata)


  • All four monsters are references to the comic strip Pogo.
    • The mud turtle is Churchill "Churchy" LaFemme, who initially wore a pirate hat.
    • The swamp gator is Albert Alligator, who always smoked a cigar.
    • The swamp owl is Howland Owl, who occasionally wore a wizard hat, was prone to harebrained schemes, and had both sharp interest in, and a poor grasp of, science.
    • The swamp skunk is Miz Ma'm'selle Hepzibah, who had a coquettish demeanor and wore a floral-print skirt.