The War Room

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The War Room

The War Room is part of one's Clan Hall and is where clan defenses are reported and can be purchased, and also where clan attacks can be made from. The defense items:

Bags of Goodies 
These represent your clan's wealth and status. Other clans will try to steal these, and you'll try to steal them from other clans. (1000 Meat)
Bowls of Oatmeal 
These feed your clan army -- each Grunt, Grrrrrlgoyle, and Archer needs 1 Bowl of Oatmeal per day, or they'll get angry and leave. (3 Meat)
Cinder Blocks 
You can build a wall out of Cinder Blocks, to make it more difficult for enemy ground forces to invade your Clan Hall and steal your Goodies. This wall can contain no more than 1000 blocks. (150 Meat)
Knob Goblin Grunts 
You can hire teenage Knob Goblins to act as your basic ground forces. (300 Meat)
You can hire sassy Grrrrrlgoyles to act as your air forces. They are not affected by enemy Cinder Block Walls. (500 Meat)
You can buy recliners to put on the roof of your Clan Hall, for La-Z-Archers to sit in. (1500 Meat)
You can hire effective but slovenly archers to defend your Clan Hall against attackers. They are effective against both Grunts and Grrrrrgoyles, but won't work for you unless they have someplace to sit. (500 Meat)
Phantom Trollbooth 
If you build this, attacking clans will have to pay the Troll Toll of 10,000 Meat in order to attack you. This Meat will go into your Clan Coffer. (50,000 Meat)