The Slime Tube

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Spadebal.gif There are some vague or non-exact figures and information on this page. Some spading is required.

Does squeezing affect init like regular +ML? Early reports indicated no, but this might've changed now with the ML change (all ML is now counted properly as bonus ML).

The Slime Tube
The Slime Tube
Zone Num 203
Location Clan Basement
Unlocks Upon opening A Greasy Spot
Recom Stat 100
Combat % 95
ML 100
Terrain underground
Special Adventures
Lucky none
refreshedit data
Exit.gif Thebucket.gif


The Slime Tube is the second Clan Dungeon, released after rollover for May 31, 2009. It's very squishy (and slimy), and exists in your basement.

Getting to The Slime Tube is very simple compared to Hobopolis. A clan member with appropriate permissions must pay 250 000 Meat from the Clan Stash to unlock it, and then anyone allowed to explore the clan dungeon can enter. There is no Sewer-like entry zone as there is in Hobopolis. It is a relatively short dungeon, as it can be completed in under 1000 turns. The end boss is the Mother Slime.

It's possible to have this dungeon, Hobopolis, and Dreadsylvania open at the same time. Opening one does not close the others.

If you attempt to adventure here after Mother Slime has been defeated, then this message appears:

"Mother Slime has been defeated, and the Slime Tube is now just the Tube."

A primary stat of 100 is suggested. If your main stat isn't high enough, you'll see the following message:

Are you sure you're ready to face the gooey horrors within the Slime Tube? Are you truly prepared to fight creatures that look like they came out of Cthulhu's nose?
(It is recommended that you have at least 100 <mainstat> to adventure here.)

Combat Adventures

Slime This monster is a Slime -- (edit metadata)
Slime1 8.gif

Slime Hand This monster is a Slime -- (edit metadata)
Slime2 7.gif

Slime Mouth This monster is a Slime -- (edit metadata)
Slime3 8.gif

Slime Construct This monster is a Slime -- (edit metadata)
Slime4 5.gif

Slime Colossus This monster is a Slime -- (edit metadata)
Slime5 5.gif

Non-combat Adventures

  • Tickle the uvula: Lets a slime-covered item be created subsequently in the instance (maximum 1 tickle per player per instance, only if the player has not previously squeezed a gall bladder, otherwise the tickling attempt fails. NOTE: The player that makes the tickle does not have to be the player that slimes the item, and one player may slime multiple items if enough people do enough tickles.)
  • Squeeze the gall bladder: Increases the ML of the zone by 20 (maximum 5 times per instance, once per player, and only if that player has not previously tickled a uvula, otherwise the squeeze fails)
  • Squirm back out: Nothing (no adventure loss)

  • Fight: Fight Mother Slime
  • Flight: Nothing (no adventure loss)
Mother Slime This monster is a Slime -- (edit metadata)

Mother is Busy Right Now
  • Note: Occurs if another clanmate is already fighting Mother Slime.

Basic Mechanics

Slime Damage

This dungeon uses a unique damage type: Slime. Slime Resistance gear and effects are the only things that will save you. The Coated in Slime effect is the most important reason to have slime resistance, as the damage it deals is slime typed.

Monster Level and Turns Required

The Slime Tube contains 400,000 Monster Level (ML) worth of slimes. Increasing ML allows you to fight more powerful slimes and reach Mother Slime in fewer turns (i.e., you're getting rid of the slime in large chunks rather than small ones). If you have no ML modifiers, each slime counts as 400 ML and it will take 1,000 turns to finish.

Slimes respond to all normal ML modifiers, but also to gear with the Slime Hates It property, which can be smithed using caustic slime nodules. This makes it possible to attain ML bonuses of over 1,000 and to finish the dungeon in a fraction of the normal time.

As your ML bonus increases, you will encounter different types of slime (see the encounter listing above for details). Stronger slimes afflict you with fewer turns of Coated in Slime. Coated in Slime deals more damage the fewer turns of it that remain, meaning that Slime Tube speed-runners must fight high-level slimes to advance the zone quickly, but occasionally fight lower-level slimes to get coated for a survivable number of turns.

Bonus Drops

This table shows the known possible bonus drops. To receive a drop, you need to be at or below the indicated turncount after defeating Mother Slime.

Turn Count +ML needed Bonus Drop
690 180 slimy alveoli
420 553 caustic slime nodule
370 682 caustic slime nodule
230 1340 squirming Slime larva

These bonuses are cumulative. For example, beating Mother Slime in 300 turns will cause her to drop two caustic slime nodules and some slimy alveoli.

Up to five players can squeeze the gall bladder in the "Engulfed!" adventure, providing a total of +100 ML to all slimes. However, this uses up five adventures, meaning that the +ML required from other sources drops by slightly less than 100. Accounting for 5 squeezes, the table below shows the turncount and +ML needed for each reward, not counting the 5 turns and +100 ML from the gall bladder.

Turn Count +ML needed Player +ML needed Bonus Drop
685 184 84 slimy alveoli
415 564 464 caustic slime nodule
365 696 596 caustic slime nodule
225 1378 1278 squirming Slime larva


The activities that add to the turncount are:

  • Beating a slime (except Mother Slime)
  • Being beaten by a slime (including Mother Slime).
  • Running from combat.
  • Successfully squeezing or tickling during the Engulfed! noncombat.

Activities that do not add to turncount include:

  • Beating a slime after casting CLEESH on it.
  • Escaping combat with a free runaway (e.g., a tattered scrap of paper).
  • Choosing to escape during Engulfed!
  • Choosing to squeeze or tickle during Engulfed! but failing.
  • Using a chamois from the bucket.


Chamois and Slime

  • Coated in Slime can only be removed by using a chamois from The Bucket or by using A Relaxing Hot Tub. Soft green echo eyedrop antidotes will not remove the effect, nor will All-purpose cleaners.
  • Chamoix are gained from defeating slimes at low Monster Level values. The drop rate appears to be tied to the type of slime you face, with the weakest slime variant always dropping one (so the highest ML you can run while also guaranteeing a chamoix drop is 100).
  • If you have 100 Chamoix in the bucket and have dungeon administrator privileges, you can make a tradable big bundle of chamoix with it. Using this item puts 100 Chamoix in your clan bucket. This helps to carry leftover Chamoix from one run to the next or allows you to fill the bucket from the mall.

Slime and ML

  • How many turns of Coated in Slime you start with depends on how much +ML you are running. The base at 0 +ML is 11; every 100 (or fraction thereof) reduces the initial turn count by 1.
    • Negative Monster Level will push the adventures of Coated in Slime even higher. By using highly negative ML, entering battle, and then getting a free run away, a player can get a thick protective layer of slime to better face the very high +ML slime monsters.
  • Due to the importance of +ML here, we'd like to direct you to the Maximizing Monster Level page.

ML and Turn Count

  • If you fight slimes with an average of X +ML (including bonuses from gall bladder squeezing or Slime Hates It equipment), you can expect to fight CEILING(400,000/(400+X)) slimes.
  • Therefore, if your turn count goal is T, you need to run total +ML of approximately (400,000/T)-400. Don't forget to allow some padding for the 5 squeezes and any mistakes – defeating Mother Slime does not count toward the total, but losing to her does.
  • This chart shows your available ML buffs and your total ML.
  • This spreadsheet also shows your available ML buffs and your total ML.


  • Only 5 squeezes may be performed per instance. There is no limit on the number of tickles that may be performed per instance; however, only 5 tickles can be "stored up" at a time. Once 5 tickles have been performed, a rusty item must be slime-covered before another tickle can be done.
  • You can make slime-covered pieces of equipment here. See the Engulfed! adventure for more details.


  • There are 9 Slime Tube progress images, and a boss image. The progress images appear at 0%, 11%, 22%, 33%, 44%, 55%, 66%, 77%, and 88% of the way to the Mother Slime. (Note the last image shows 1/11 longer than the others.) The boss image appears at, of course, 100%, when Mother Slime is ready.
  • If a player fights a copied slime monster in a clan with a slime tube that has been finished (mother slime killed), that player will be eligible for distributable loot in that clan, and the kill will show up in the log. In this way, loot can be sold.
  • The slime monsters don't have a unique Form of...Bird! drop.
  • Attempting to adventure here while the effect Slimeform is active will not cost you a turn and will yield the following message:
    • "You wriggle your way up to the lip of the Slime Tube. A long dripping tentacle snakes out of the hole and wraps around you in a hug, then gives you a motherly pat on the head. You feel warm and comforted for a moment before the screaming heebie-jeebies kick in."


  • There was initially a bug where Pastamancers could summon a level 5 or greater Vermincelli to remove Coated in Slime, if they got initiative, but this was fixed.
  • A bug was found on April 22nd, 2010 which allowed you to do a 1 turn Slime Tube, thus receiving both nodules and a larva. This bug was found by two separate clans, and a total of 5 illegitimate slimelings were obtained. The bug was reported and was soon fixed as well as the leaderboards. Jick & Co, as payback, changed the turn count to 666 for each run in the clan logs which used the bug.