The Organic Produce Stand

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The Organic Produce Stand

The Organic Produce Stand is located on the Mysterious Island of Mystery (Wartime), and will sell fruit to you after you resolve their filthworm infestation.

Before removing the filthworm infestation, and without soldier fatigues:

Sorry, the produce stand is closed on account of filthworm infestation. We're waiting for the soldiers to come and give us a hand.

Before removing the filthworm infestation, while wearing soldier fatigues:

Oh, it's awful! The entire orchard is infested with filthworms! I mean, we knew we'd get some worms, since we weren't using pesticide, but we never thought it'd get this bad.

After removing the filthworm infestation:

Oh, hey, boss! Welcome back!
  • First visit each day:

Here's your cut of today's profits -- business is booming since we got rid of those stupid worms, man!

Meat.gifYou gain 4,000-5,000 Meat.

or if in a Way of the Surprising Fist run

Hey man, we don't want to impose on your vow of poverty, so we donated (4,000-5,000) meat from our profits to the human fund in your honor. Thanks for getting rid of those worms, man!

Storehippy.gif Oh, hey, boss! Welcome back!

Items Sold

Item: Price:
Herbs.gif herbs 64 Meat
Orange.gif orange 70 Meat
Grapes.gif grapes 70 Meat
Tomato.gif tomato 70 Meat
Sberry.gif strawberry 70 Meat
Grapefruit.gif grapefruit 70 Meat
Olive.gif olive 70 Meat
Lemon.gif lemon 70 Meat

Available if you cleared the infestation as a War Hippy:

Item: Price:
Peach.gif peach 300 Meat
Pear.gif pear 300 Meat
Plum.gif plum 300 Meat

Available if you cleared the infestation as a Frat Warrior:

Item: Price:
Soupbowl.gif bowl of rye sprouts 300 Meat
Corn.gif cob of corn 300 Meat
Juniper.gif juniper berries 300 Meat



  • The three new fruits hippies gain access to could be a reference to the children's book "Each Peach Pear Plum" by Janet and Allan Ahlberg.
  • The extra fruits could also be a reference to the song "Peach, Plum, Pear" by Joanna Newsom.
  • The Human Fund is a charity made up by George Costanza from Seinfeld.