The Meatsmith

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The Meatsmith

The Meatsmith is a very busy man, so he won't be able to smith anything for you. But he does sell a number of meatsmithing supplies in his shop in Market Square:

Innabox "I am the Meatsmith. I'm very busy, so I won't be able to smith anything for you. You can buy components and smith things yourself, though."

Before accepting the quest:

"Actually, if you have some spare time, I could use some help with a business issue."

What do you need?

Before completing the quest:

The Meatsmith looks at you expectantly.

What did you need, again?

Items Sold

Item: Price:
— Tools —
Pamphlet.gif meatsmithing guide 50 Meat
Hammer.gif tenderizing hammer 1,000 Meat
— Armorcrafting Ingredients —
Bucklerb.gif buckler buckle 100 Meat
Hatrecipe.gif helmet recipe 100 Meat
Pantskit.gif pants kit 100 Meat
Shirtkit.gif shirt kit 100 Meat
Skirtkit.gif skirt / kilt kit 100 Meat
— Weaponsmithing Ingredients —
Stick.gif big stick 100 Meat
String.gif crossbow string 100 Meat
Basichilt.gif sword hilt 100 Meat
Whipkit.gif whip kit 100 Meat
Thickstick.gif bigger stick 1,000 Meat
String.gif sinewy crossbow string 1,000 Meat
Hilt.gif sturdy sword hilt 1,000 Meat


You search around the Meatsmithy, but find nothing of interest. The forge is cold, and the anvil is dry. The adjoining shed has been emptied of anything of value or utility. You can't imagine that the Meatsmith could have been taken down by a bunch of zombies, at least not easily, so presumably he cleared out to find a more easily-defensible headquarters.
A sign out front says "MEAT RUINED. STORE CLOSED." He's a man of few words, the Meatsmith.
  • If you have not started the quest the image is changed to:
    Smithery anim.gif


  • On February 24, 2015, the image for this place in the Market Square was: