The Luckiest Gambler

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The Luckiest Gambler
The Luckiest Gambler

You sit at the roulette table, and plop 10 Meat down on Red 6. You then start concentrating really, really hard on telepathically forcing the ball to land there.

The ball goes round and round, and lands in Red 6. Lucky! Or... was it?

You suddenly feel less lucky.

Meat.gifYou gain 320 Meat.
You gain 20 Mysteriousness.

Occurs at The Roulette Tables while Lucky!


  • On a standard roulette wheel, a bet on a single number pays out 35 to 1. Either the Kingdom's wheels have fewer numbers than those of the real world, or the payout structure is stingier. (Of course, the one pictured has 10 sections, so 32 to 1 would be extremely generous here.)
  • By the way, on standard roulettes, 6 is black, so you need to be really lucky to bet on a red 6 and win!
  • The meat goes into your pocket, not to charity, when under Way of the Surprising Fist.