The Icy Peak in The Recent Past

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The Mists of TimeThe Icy Peak in The Recent PastThe Mists of Time

Having travelled through a mysterious Temporal Rift near Mt. McLargeHuge, adventurers found themselves in a strangely familiar world. Closely resembling where the adventurers were just standing, it was decided the rift must have flung them into the very recent past.

emaciated Knott Yeti This monster is a Beast -- (edit metadata)
  • Item Drops: broken cellular phone, yeti fur
  • Meat Drop: 60-90
  • Monster Level: 60 • Substat Gain: 15 • Moxie for No Hit*: 70
  • Monster Defense: 72
  • Hit Points: 50
  • Initiative: 60
  • Elemental Alignment: cold, weak against hot and spooky

Mob Penguin Pasta Chef This monster is a Penguin -- (edit metadata)

Mob Penguin Soprano This monster is a Penguin -- (edit metadata)

Mob Penguin Thug This monster is a Penguin -- (edit metadata)
  • Item Drops: kneecapping stick, penguin skin
  • Meat Drop: 40-60
  • Monster Level: 95 • Substat Gain: 23.75 • Moxie for No Hit*: 105
  • Monster Defense: 85
  • Hit Points: 80
  • Initiative: 80
  • Elemental Alignment: None


  • The Yeti Protest Sign did not drop.
  • Unlike the Icy Peak, cold resistance was not required to adventure here.
  • The rift closed on 30 November 2005; attempts to get there via the "Last Adventure" link returned only the following message: "The Temporal Rift has closed."