The Hunger

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The Hunger
The Hunger

You wander around the Dungeon of Doom for a while, and then abruptly starve to death. Well, not exactly to death, but you get hungry enough that you decide to quit screwing around in the Dungeon of Doom.

Those exposed ribs make you look pretty attractive, though!

You gain 21 Smarm.

Occurs at The Dungeons of Doom.


  • Starvation is a common cause of death in the computer game NetHack, where all content in the Dungeons of Doom comes from. Even experienced players may fail to notice when they become hungry.
  • In an example of an adventure title reference that has nothing to do with the adventure, "The Hunger" is a cult movie with a lesbian vampire Susan Sarandon.
  • The image is a reference to one of the common causes of starvation in NetHack, a room with no obvious exits but the staircase the Adventurer entered by.
  • The name of this adventure may be a reference to the PC game They Hunger.