The Gourd Tower

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Gourdtower loud.gif

The Gourd Captain erps and glurks (and even eeps! among others) while twitching at the top of The Gourd Tower.

Gourdguy.gif The Captain of the Gourd

The Gourd Tower is located on the Right Side of the Tracks in Seaside Town. If you help the Captain Defend the Gourd, he will reward you gourdily. If you're feeling especially helpful, you can Defend the Gourd over and over again until the gourd is finally safe. But the Captain will still keep urking!


The Gourd Tower is empty, both the gourd and the Captain missing.
What color is gourd juice? Because if it's red, that must have been one heck of a juicy gourd.


  • Up until Febuary 18, 2020, it was possible to accept the Defend the Gourd Quest during Path of the Plumber. However, due to the path's undefined mainstat, the Gourd did not specify what to collect, or where from.


  • Adventure is a play on words with "Guard Tower" and "Losing your gourd", an expression meaning to be crazy.