The Field of Strawberries (Pastamancer)

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The Field of Strawberries
The Field of Strawberries

You follow the map to a delightful field of red, ripe strawberries. It seems to go on forever, but you're pretty sure it doesn't -- I mean, you'd probably remember if you had always been in a field of strawberries, right? Anyway, you wander amongst the strawberries for a while, pondering how they aren't made of straw, but are probably made of berry. Suddenly, your arms and legs break out in goosebumps, and your back teeth start to ache a little. Your pasta sense is tingling!

Trust your senses

You try and follow your tingling senses, but they prove maddeningly vague. Finally, you close your eyes to block out all distractions and focus inward.

Living may be easy with eyes closed, but walking isn't: you run smack into a brick wall. Before you open your eyes, you hear a "Woooooaaaah!" followed by a "THUD" and a "SCHPLURT."

You open your eyes and see something that looks like a cross between an egg and a man, lying shattered on the ground in front of you. Don't worry, I'm sure that happened way before you got here.

You can't stand to see all that albumen go to waste, so you transfigure the sad mess into a hot mess of egg noodles. Don't worry; I'm sure he would have wanted it this way. I mean, don't you want someone to make pasta out of your body after you die? You don't? Well, then, you'd best make out a will. You can't be too careful.

Eggnoodles.gifYou acquire an item: eggman noodles
Stick with the strawberries