The Far Future (In the Holofloor)

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Starship Gadabout :: In the Holofloor

You are in the Holofloor.

It has been <n> minutes since you first heard the red alert.

You are holding a flute/a visor/a Federation-Issue Phaser/a tricoder/<booze>.
You are an adequate computer user/able programmer/amazing hacker.
You are an adequate/able/amazing flautist.
You are an adequate/able/amazing ship's gunner.
You are adequate/able/amazing with a phaser.

Wait a minute
Use the visor

You put the visor over your eyes and examine the Holofloor. It's as though you are reading rainbow colored output of everything's energy emissions. Far out. This gets boring after about a minute.

Shoot the Phaser

You're not sure Federation regulations would look favorably on this, but you take a minute and stun some random crew members in the area. This is probably not good for morale.

Speak to Third Ensign Chakov
"Computer, activate program Duck Hunt."

Only available if you have the phaser

First time:

You spend a solid five minutes being taunted by a digital dog. Vilainous ducks fly all ofter the Holofloor and every time you miss, that stupid dog mocks you.
You seem to be improving a little, though.

Second time:

You spend a solid three minutes being taunted by that digital dog. Eventually, you start hitting some of the ducks flying all ofter the Holofloor and showing that dog you've got some skills.

Third time:

By the end of your five minute lesson, that dog knows who the boss is. You take out each flight of ducks and then turn your phaser on that stupid dog, who runs off with his tail between his legs after each round.
Go you!
"Computer, activate program Kobayashi Maru."
Over the course of the next five minutes, you and your simulated crew fight off Hulkans, rescue a stranded crew, and incite an intergalactic war. By the end, you are the sole survivor on your ship, manning the helm, communications and weapons single-handedly.
Whoever designed this training session really had it out for you.
But, at least you're working on your skills.
"Computer, activate a random recreation program."
Thrust back to Victorian England (during your far future adventure), everyone is encouraged to see how Fourth Spaceperson Geordi takes on the roll of an ingenious detective and defeats a strange virus that takes over the Holofloor.
You find yourself in what appears to be a bar from the 1950s. Leftenant Sili spends all his time flirting with some holoconstruct named Minuet. It's kind of embarrassing for everyone, but the rest of crew's morale is raised as they bond over what an idiot Leftenant Sili is being.
That seems to have been 5 minutes well spent, as crew morale is really up.
"Computer, activate Computers for Dummies program."

Only available if you asked "Tell me about the computer" of the chief engineer in Engineering The first time enables you to Access the computer in your Quarters and Run "WTR'S PROGRAM"

Running through Computers for Dummies: Five-Minute Edition for the first time, you learn that programming is way of describing operations for a computer to execute. Well that's interesting.
You are an adequate computer user.

The second time adds the ability to Write a "Hello World" program on the computer in your Quarters.

A second five-minute run through and you think you can probably hack up a "Hello World" in the programming lingua franca of this age, E+++.
You are an able programmer.

The third time allows you to Execute "ssh Computron.ship" on the computer in your Quarters

Another five-minute run through and you think you've mastered basic command-line utilities and networking basics.
You are an amazing hacker.
Go to the Turbolift


  • Initially the only options are the Kobayashi Maru and random recreation program options.
    • Having a phaser in inventory allows you to use the Duck Hunt program.
    • Asking the Engineering officer allows you to use the Computers For Dummies program.
  • The Kobayashi Maru makes you a better gunner.
  • The Duck Hunt program makes you a better with a phaser.
  • The Computers for Dummies program makes you a better programmer.
  • The random recreation program improves morale.
  • Each option takes 5 minutes.

Occurs as a consequence of using your Time-Spinner and choosing "Visit the Far Future".