The Elements of Surprise . . .

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The Elements of Surprise . . .
The Elements of Surprise . . .

You finally catch up with Jill and she leads you into her quarters. "I need to show you my box," she says. She opens a drawer and pulls out an ancient wooden box. She stands it on end and opens it, and you see five little shelves in the box, each just big enough to fit one of the discs on. "The kitty disc goes on top," she says, "and the other elements go on the shelves. I can't remember what order they go in, of course, because that would simplify things greatly. When you've got them placed, push the button on the bottom."

Push the Button

Without the correct placement of items on shelves:

You push the button.

Then nothing happens. You stare at the box for a while, but nothing continues to happen. "Why don't you wait a few minutes and try again?" Jill says.

With the correct placement of items on shelves:

You push the button.

A red light goes on under the heat disc, and it starts to give off waves of intense heat.

An orange light turns on under the cold disc, and the heat from below makes it release a cloud of steam.

The steam cloud wafts through the stench disc, as a yellow light illuminates its compartment.

The steam carries the awful scent up to the frightful disc. A green light suffuses the frightful disc as the stench awakens the alien monstrosity within it, and the monster reaches up out of the disc into the next compartment.

A blue light illuminates the kinky disc as it begins to vibrate and spin. The kinky "attachment" rises from the disc and vibrates against the cute disc.

An indigo light and a violet light switch on on either side of the cute disc as the kitten, spooked and annoyed by the vibration, rises from the disc. Its cuteness is only matched by the sheer murderous rage glowing in its eyes.

The rainbow of lights glows brighter, too bright to look directly at it. You can barely see the essence of the kitten rise from the cute disc. It grabs the Ruby Rod in its teeth and hurls itself into the space between dimensions, hissing and spitting, all four sets of claws at the ready.

You hear a bellowing, grinding, rending noise that could only be the death-rattle of the god Mai'Lii.

"Wow," Jill says, "we did it. You know, that was kind of . . ."


"Yeah. Don't you think we should . . ."


And as the two of you walk toward the bed, you sense your ancestral memories pulling you elsewhere, ever elsewhere, because your ancestral memories are total, absolute jerks.

Occurs at Seaside Megalopolis after collecting all 6 elemental essences.


  • Completing the puzzle will place a secret from the future into your inventory, but the game won't tell you (except for the quest log) until you encounter The Savorier Savior adventure later in the same zone.
    • The secret from the future does not show up in the recent items tab of your inventory.
  • The correct ordering is:
    • Sleaze
    • Spooky
    • Stench
    • Cold
    • Hot
  • If some of the elements are in the correct order, it will display the success message for each disc from the bottom up, until an incorrect placement is found, at which point the "Nothing happens" message is displayed.


  • In the message after placing the items correctly on the shelves, "the god Mai'Lii" alludes to the pop star Miley Cyrus, who is also known for her popular role on the Disney television show Hannah Montana.
  • The kitten jumping through dimensions is probably a nod to The Cat Who Walks Through Walls, a future-set science fiction novel by Robert Heinlein.